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Brb & Awesome Day

I’m away to Poland for a week, just so everyone knows.
So I won’t be working on anything, but I’ll probably still have internet access.

Anyway, I finally got my driving license! Hurray!
I made quite a lot of mistakes on the test, but nothing serious enough to fail apparently.
It’s a bit late, but I live in a big city, so driving isn’t always the best way to get around. Hopefully now I’ll be able to do a bit of exploring in the countryside.
(I’d also like to point out to the Americans that our driving test is a lot harder than yours, and we don’t drive automatic cars either. :P)

I had a Minecraft party to celebrate afterwards.
We explored King’s Landing and Winterfell, played some minigames, and teamed up for the Hunger Games. Great times were had.


We got pretty good at the Hunger Games by the end of our 11-hour Minecraft session. Managed to win two matches!