EBF4 Adverts and In-App Purchases

Hey guys, adverts and in-app purchases now work in EBF4 – the Android release is getting near. I just gotta get achievements and cloud saving working, and play through the game a bit.

I’ll price EBF4 a bit lower than the PC version – I may try Google’s A/B testing to find what price point works best. The only two purchases are to disable ads, and unlock battle mountain. The whole story is free, just like in the original web version.

3 thoughts on “EBF4 Adverts and In-App Purchases

  1. Anonymous

    can’t wait ill be checking this site everyday waiting for a announcement of the game or a release date of the game

  2. Gloomy Night

    How long is it until the release on android? Can’t wait for the +200hrs that I’m gonna spend it.


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