Steam Shmup Fest

Hi Folks,

It’s time for the Steam Shmup Fest and that means you can grab Bullet Heaven 2 at a 70% discount!

The sale is on until October 2 at 10am Pacific, and there are loads other cool shmups to check out as well. Remember to leave us a review if you liked BH2, and happy shooting!

4 thoughts on “Steam Shmup Fest

  1. pin

    not working the game is toooo wide and i can only click on slimes, and the SWF file won’t work with adobe flash 31

    1. Matt Roszak

      Can you email me more information at kupo707 at Including a screenshot of the problem and anything else that seems relevent. Thanks.

      1. pin

        sorry for delay i dound out there was a missing dll and i had to update my diretx to fix it.
        sorry for distrubancešŸ˜¢


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