6 thoughts on “BH3: More Foes

  1. lkk.mosobleirc.ru мособлеирц личный кабинет

    should be tested against platelets and rapid apoptosis (gelsolin cleavage) should be observed. A BH3 mimetic targeting MCL1 will induce accumulation of MCL1 protein. If these events are not observed, then the agent is unlikely to be a true BH3 mimetic. Many cell lines have been engineered to be dependent on one or other BCL2 family member. Putative BH3 mimetics were then tested in these systems and, as discussed above, inappropriate conclusions were often drawn. A more robust system has recently been developed in which a murine leukemia cell line was engineered to express each human antiapoptotic protein singly, while the murine

  2. Pumpkin

    Glad to see there’s another BH coming in some form or another. BH2, for example, is very underappreciated! You did outstanding work on it, so I hope whatever comes next brings more attention and recognition. *bro fist*


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