Monthly Archives: August 2020

EBF Collection: Give me Pain

Hey guys, I’ve started working on new stuff for Adventure Story. Here’s the plan so far:

  • Controller support: should work with same controllers as Bullet Heaven 2, including Xbox 360, Xbone, PS4, and maybe others
  • Extreme difficulty: everything does 999 damage, progress is tracked on the level-select screen, but you get nothing for beating this
  • 4 new levels and 4 new bosses: one at the end of each world, unlocked for collecting everything – these are pretty hard
  • 6 new equips and higher level cap: to make the new content slightly more beatable
  • new boss rush level!

Fanart: NoLegs

Hi Folks,

The autumn rains have hit us and summer’s heat is escaping so we’re keeping our fingers crossed we’ll still get to have some more BBQs before packing the grill away. After the last heatwave the cool breeze and sound of rain are very welcome, and the garden is definitely enjoying the damp air. Rain is also a perfect excuse to get some work done – or spend 2 days downloading a new game and then entirely immerse yourself in it.

Here’s a lovely fanart of the fuzziest lil NoLegs from BlackCat2412.

EBF Collection: Prototypes

The Epic Battle Fantasy Collection will include a folder of old prototypes and unused stuff. A lot of it was only published on DeviantArt, and nowhere else, so there’s sure to be plenty of people who haven’t seen it.

Either way, it’s a little look into how I learned to code and animate, and a chance to think about what might have been. Nothing too exciting, but there may be one or two things in there that I’ve never shared.