Monthly Archives: July 2020

Newgrounds Podcast

Hey guys, a few days ago I was on the Newgrounds Podcast with three other Flash game developers: Psycho Goldfish, Tyler Glaiel and Steve Castro. We talked a bit about how our careers started, how cool Flash was in the 2000s, and how Adobe dropped the ball in recent years.

Give it a listen, and maybe some of the other episodes too, if you’re interested in the history of Newgrounds. Being on the podcast actually motivated me to stop playing video games and get back to work making them.

EBF Collection: EBF1 done!

Hey guys, Epic Battle Fantasy 1 is ready for its Steam re-release!
But it’s gonna have to wait until the other games are ready before I publish it.

If you want to play this version of EBF1 a month or two early, throw $2 at me on Patreon to get the .swf and .exe files.

Here’s a list of changes:
• Many Pokemon, Lord Canti, Bob-omb, Mog and Catastrophe had their graphics and names changed for copyright reasons.
• New soundtrack added by Forger434, due to copyright reasons.
• Credits page updated, and you can now listen to the soundtrack there.
• Global volume controls added, and a mute option for music.
• Sound effect volume rebalanced – painfully loud sounds are much quieter now.
• Zero difficulty mode added, where foes have 60% of their original stats.
• Some minor bug fixes: incorrect descriptions fixed, Meta bosses correctly absorb attacks, and ghosts can use Death.
• Game speed and fullscreen options will be added once the EBF Collection launcher is ready.

EBF Collection: New Creatures

Hey guys, I’ve gotten back to work – on the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection!

As you may remember, I’m re-releasing 8 of my very old games on Steam, which involves censoring a lot of copyrighted stuff. So here’s some new creatures for Epic Battle Fantasy 1, which are definitely not Pokemon.

This is only the second-biggest change in EBF1, the first being that it’ll need a new soundtrack. More on that later.