Fanart: Pixel Swords

Hiya Folks!

The weather’s been pretty miserable, but were starting to see some veeery early signs of spring in the garden which is a surefire way to lift spirits in the damp dark winter. Plans are starting up for what projects we’ll be focusing on in the garden this year, and we are starting with early preparations so that as soon as we start getting warmer and dryer weather we can dive into it head first. In the meantime EBF5 being launched on the web has inspired us to catch up on a lot of browser games we’ve missed in the past few months.

Here are a bunch of cool pixel swords from Leaf.

17 thoughts on “Fanart: Pixel Swords

  1. RychschaX

    These are friggin’ awesome!
    They also appear to be 16×16, soooo…they’d work as sword textures in Minecraft were one so inclined.

    (seriously, though, this Leaf fellow even managed to do the ornamentation on Sapphire Giant/Saint)

  2. BANmeeplzWoof

    things that will not be added, with the collaboration of your ungrateful fans: nether map, adic boots USE, shini foes, hair dyes, mo’ hp for Training foes, npc battles/fights, and finally my own idea: ebf5 OC icon for your fans. thats all bye bye

    1. Someone you don't know

      I could barely understand your comment, but it seems like you’re angry about features not being implemented.
      I have one correction: “collaboration of your ungrateful ‘fan’,”, without the plural.
      Seems to me that you’re the only one ungrateful here, and the rest of the comment section serves as ample evidence.

        1. Someone you don't know

          You don’t call people ungrateful because they wanted a little more.
          Ungrateful is when you don’t appreciate what the game already has.
          I’m pretty sure most people don’t fall into the second category, especially with all the positive ratings this game has got.


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