Monthly Archives: December 2019

Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 5!

Hey guys, every year I do a Christmas Steam key giveaway, and usually to enter you have to leave a comment on my website – but not this time!

I’m gonna try something different this year – I’m gonna give away a game key at the end of each of my YouTube livestreams! And maybe some during the Stream too – I’ll be giving away keys for all 3 of my Steam games.

Yes, this is indeed a scam to make people subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I have no schedule – I stream at random times of the day, and I do it more often on weekends, so hopefully this means that people from all over the world will have a chance to win. And if this ends up being popular, maybe I’ll keep doing it long after Christmas. And if everyone hates the idea, maybe I’ll cancel it early and do some other type of giveaway.

The clickbaity thumbnails are already working, so maybe giving away free games will boost my views even further!

I truly have no shame.

Anyway, my next stream will be in an hour or so.

Livestreaming EBF5

Hey guys, here’s a reminder to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I’ve started streaming a playthrough of EBF5 with some of the new challenge options enabled. If you catch the stream live, it’s a good chance to jump into the chat and ask me some questions about whatever.

I don’t have any sort of schedule, but it’s a very long game, so you’ll have plenty of chances to see the stream live, especially if you follow me on YouTube.