Fanart: Anna

Hiya Folks!

We’re enjoying summer and won’t be posting much else than fanart for a while. We’re also taking a short break for about a week after which more fanart will return. Hope you’re having a good summer!

Here’s a fanart of Anna by Akacchan.


6 thoughts on “Fanart: Anna

  1. Failixth125

    i have a problem:
    today, i play ebf4 normally, when i stopped playing i closed the game, ten seconds later my pc have a problem, i restarted my pc and open ebf4 to see if something happened, the game has unistalled somehow, then i re-install it and proced to open it, it works normally but… i lost my progress on the game, the medals was still there but the save files was gone.
    If theres a posibility to add a thing to save the file to you pc like ebf5 with the .meow files, it will be better, i know you’re busy but i just ask the problems the people may have and i don’t know how to contact you via other sites.
    by the way im not feel very good, after this msg i going to bed, see ya tomrow.


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