EBF5: Public Beta

Hey guys, the EBF5 public beta is back with version 0.7!
I didn’t advertise the earlier versions much, because I didn’t want everyone to play it at once. But I guess I can open the flood gates now. Oh, and your old saved games should be compatible. Just import a save backup file from an earlier version.

There’s not much left to do, only a few bugs and maybe a few balancing tweaks.
I’ll probably be asking for translators in a few days, so stay tuned! If you translated some of my previous games, I’ll email you a bit in advance.

And look, you can do double and triple critical hits now!
This is currently a bit of a secret feature, and isn’t documented in the game.

29 thoughts on “EBF5: Public Beta

  1. Braid

    The gallery is kinda disappointing, im playing on the hardest difficulty and while most fights are fun yet difficult, all the fights in the gallery are just huge pains because the difference in stats is exponentially strained because every monster there is somewhere between 6-8 levels higher than my party, ive gotten through every fight on the left most hedge maze just by complete rng luck with anna’s alchemy bow getting good debuffs, but honestly fighting 5 slimes where 2 of them can just one shot the entire party even with defensive buffs, or cats that just decide “murder murder murder murder” and cant be hit, it doesnt feel fair, and its really tempting to lower the difficulty just because of that, the rest of the game is great so far, every time i die its because i get too cocky, forget to buff, or think i can get enough damage out, just to have the enemy survive and slam me, but it feels nice like its how the game is suppose to be played, i hope not all the other optional areas you get when you buy the game does this, i know they also scale with your level, but i expect to be fighting enemies that are on my level when i read that 😐

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I’ve nerfed those battles slightly in the latest version, by a level or so. Not sure if you played the nerfed version or not.

      1. Braid

        Im on 0.9 and im still having this problem, i just got the raft and im level 27, the shell creeps on the right side of the hedge maze is a good example of how powerful i feel the enemies are, when they do the shell attack they on average goes for about 4-5k each hit; while hitting for 1k themselves and red healing, which is half of my health on most characters, all of no-legs health since hes on a evade build, without buffs it just straight up kills even matt, and im forced into this situation where i have to use 9 lives, protect and healing just to fight back, otherwise im spamming coffee and revive, getting in the littlist of chip damage in if i manage to get a hit off, but their evade is higher than most of my accuracy too, so i have to rely on getting a small window to get a net in, and then they defend, im not saying its impossible, but i had an easier fight with the cat king, and i was more or less in the same situation, but there i felt like i was actually able to survive and have a full team next turn if i planned correctly without relying on 9 lives or genesis, and was able to consistently kill the adds in that fight, everything else about epic is amazing, fights arent too hard if planned correctly, and there are a few enemies that when i see them i audibly have said “ahhh shit” like the voodoo dolls, mirrors and fallen, but im excited because these fights get my blood pumping as well, its a good difficulty curve, i just despise this particular area, when i first saw it i was pumped, i loved battle mountain, but as i played i came to try to avoid most fights in the gallery, thats my opinion on it from the fights ive had

        1. Drake

          When I faced such pumped up foes I usually tried to have Limit Breaks prepared, had elemental affinities fitting to heavy hitting summons or used abilities which strongy CC’ed them like Freeze or killed them immediately with Death(or doom if you can delay, actually the doom flair works wonders there if enemies are under effect of bad-luck even better). Taking out foes 1by1 felt more efficient than taking out all of them rather than trying it at the same time. Also, there is one Fallen which gives you a +5 Morale buff when summoning(costs about 54 SP). It does Wind elemental damage on a single foe, and not just bit of it, taking out 1/4 or 1/2 of the enemies wasn’t unusual if he wasn’t wind resistant. Morale is best combined with Revive status because it’s like having 2-lifes and if you didn’t die you keep all your buffs on that character(re-buffing is awful). If you can’t effort SP, there’s an item, the cloud, which gives you up to 3-times more SP when killing foes, the only problem is, the character wearing it has to kill the foe, so it’s best used on characters like No Legs which finish off enemies with his jumping attack. Anna’s Volley Attacks are also a good finisher.

  2. Rein

    Finished the first area and started on the second, then went and jumped off, looks amazing so far and i really like it, but no more spoilers till the final release for me, going to have a blast playing through this on the hardest difficulty and getting my ass handed to me :hurray:

  3. Bopplesnoot

    Wait, 2x crits are caused by critting with stagger, but, i’m still trying to find out how to get 3x crits, damn.

    1. Drake

      Eventually the 3x crit is the crit on the crit? Like let’s say an enemy is staggered and has bad luck, you have good luck and brave, then the crit triggers extremely high. Like let’s say you have an insanly high crit chance of 210% on the target it would be a 10% chance for triple damage or such. Idk, just throwing out theories, but maybe you want to try it stacking Good Luck and Brave on yourself while applying bad luck and stagger on the enemy while using a skill with a very high critical rate(Like Cleaver).

  4. Asterkop

    I played a little of it!
    And I loved it!!!!!
    I can’t wait to play it completed!
    I’m so excited!
    I can’t wait!
    Keep up the good work!
    🙂 :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :stars:

  5. Puke Amador

    So… You maybe would need translations from English to Spanish. Well i would love to translate ALL the game from English to Spanish, i have translated 2 games before, so i you can believe in me :love:

    I have played EBF since i was a 10 years old kid (now i have 18). I just have EBF3 in Steam because i dont have money to buy games right now 😐

    Anyways i would like to help you with the translations!!! :love: :love: :love:

  6. Sicarius

    Didn’t know that we needed to export the save data to be able to reuse it in the new beta; guess that’s already gone. I’ll just wait until the steam release, since I don’t want to have to start over a third time

  7. I swear to god I’ll snap if I don’t get my paycheck by the end of this week

    So is the final boss done or is that still in the process of being finished? :wut:

      1. Drake

        It took me a beat to beat the 1st phase of him with 1-2 levels below him. All on Epic difficulty ofc as I like the challenge. I can’t really say if the final boss in EBF3 was tougher than this one but he surely was annoying af and if you didn’t prepare yourself for certain aspects of him you’re doomed to lose even if you did beat his 1st phase. Yeah, he’s a challenge and mainly he hurts alot.

        I also got to say I had like 35 hours of playtime(did save up 10 hours for rushing trough the easiest game mode as I wanted to restart the game after the equipment, flair stuff got messed up), and this without premium content. So for me it feels like you got 3-times more playtime than you would have in EBF4, not including premium stuff. That’s A LOT! Also you got like 4-5-tmes more puzzles and riddles to solve which is challenging without any guides on doing them. The effort put into the game is definately worth the premium content even if the premium would be “meeh”(what I actually do not think, just saying). I just put all my hope in leveling the party nearly indefinately while remaining with some challenges scaling with the parties level.

        1. Im Dead Inside

          I gonna replay the game from start to finish on epic….. I know I’m going to want to kill myself, but I think I screwed up my chances at finishing up some of the quests anyways, and i want to get ALL OF THE MEDALS.


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