12 thoughts on “Fanart: Donut Touch

  1. alex

    another annoying suggestion…in ebf 4 the limit break tsunami at full level was…a little bit to overpowered, like dealing lots of damage to foes which are not susceptible to it, so you might review the damage amount of some skills you re not sure about

    P.S. if you wanna see a “you can ignore this suggestion” thing you can re-read those parts from other comments anyway it counts to me as well

    1. salpepor

      Well, it’s a limit break. Of course it’s going to do a lot of damage. maybe except if you have a shit ton of jalapenos it could mather but they’re expensive as fuck so no.

      Also EBF3 poison

  2. Enis

    Hi Matt,

    I have been following the website quite frequently with updates and everything. I just have the urge to say THANK YOU for the great content and perseverance throughout all the suggestions and wants from the fans who have been following the series.

    I have been testing out the beta a little bit and as usual blown away of the scale that this last game has expanded upon thumbs up for animations storyline and everything, needless to say I cant wait until it is all ready for purchasing.

    I have one minor suggestion though (of course you can discard it at your pleasure) I have noticed even though graphically the monoliths have been redesigned and everything (which I like a lot)have been improved, is it possible, to have when the monoliths actually attack to have the sound possibly from EBF 4 back – somehow the blast sound which they produce when they get a charge and then blast you sounds a bit… how to say it a bit – soft in the current EBF 5. somehow it does not sound so powerful like in EBF 4 or 3 for that matter.

    Again, I know your tired of hearing everyone suggestions and moaning (and by no means this is moaning) – just I think in my opinion the sound in EBF 4 and 3 sounded a bit more EPIC when you got shot at while this one it sounds a bit more softer and not as powerful.

    Again you can discard this and ignore this suggestion.

    That being said continue the great work! We are aware you are nearing 100% and obviously the last 3% will feel like eternity but just know the fans are with you and even though some of them are getting restless. once it is done I hope you will see the fruits of your hard work and long hours put into it.

    Have a nice Day Matt.

  3. Peach

    This is less about the fan art and more about not being able to think of a way to contact you to say what I think needs to be said to ALL content creators like yourself.

    Thank you. Just, thank you so much for keeping up with what you do and here’s hoping you still love it. For every bit of negativity you get or see, I hope you know that there are a hundred more silent voices out there that love what you do.

    Again, thank you Matt, I hope you have a great life from here on out.

    Warmest regards,


  4. Matt´s fan

    hey matt, today will be the beta? is that I want to continue playing as I want to see the changes and if the boss will be final, I hope this soon, I would like to see the reward for all the medals and see their secrets, encourage matt :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:


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