19 thoughts on “Mushrooms

  1. bobby jo johnson

    I Guess there isn’t mushroom for comments anymore, so I’ll just make puns… I promise, I’m a fungi!

  2. mayhem162

    I love how in different areas and continents there are different varieties and colors. I’ve seen some cool blue ones near a lake on a hillside. :stars:

  3. Brogon, prince of dragons

    red mushrooms: if you don t want to see the god right now don t eat it! Yellow one, if you know da wae dont eat it or you should die in a day. black? if you re idiot you will die in 5 days

    1. Schorai

      I would say that the middle one in 1. row and the two on edges in 2. row are edible Amanita rubescens, the yellow one in bottom left corner is also edible Suillus grevillei. The purple one in middle of 3. row is some kind of Russula and they arent poisonous either (some of their species dont taste good though). I dont know about the rest.


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