Fanart: Matt and Lance

Here’s some fanart fromĀ Lichenoid.

I’ve fixed most bugs in EBF5 now, but there’s 2 mysterious and game-breaking ones left that are causing me massive stress. Boo.


8 thoughts on “Fanart: Matt and Lance

  1. Ervin

    Hey matt, your games were my childhood and i could make a hungarian translation to the game if you wanted to. I know about 30 hungarian people (talked to them about the game or i know them irl) that really likes the franchise. I also saw another hungarian guy suggesting the same thing so we could probably work together

  2. Metalslug27

    Oh while we are on that subject, dont know if its been pointed out in the Beta thread but I warped back to the fist area after beating lance and then walked all the way back to the iron fortress by going through the cave again. When I came out the NPCs had reset their positions and were acting like it was the first time I had arrived there. None of the rest of the events triggered and the were in their proper locations when I made it to the graveyard screen, but I thought you should know none the less.


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