14 thoughts on “EBF5: Bushes

  1. Neku21

    cute death animations overall for bushes and wraiths x3 I really like the puff after they die. I like their freeze animation/picture x3

  2. Dr.Green

    Slime takes Bush’s attack, and I got an idea.
    How about make monster vs monster mode as local mutiplayer?

  3. Bygraver

    hmmm those yellow bage looking bushes :ooo: are they like a desert tumble weed kinda bush? then wouldnt it be cool if they had some sorta accuracy lowering move like using dust to get into the players eyes? :yay:

  4. Spirare

    – Slimes replacing the players for enemy previews?

    – Starting screen has red eyes for the bush. None of the actual bushes in the preview have red eyes.

    – That black bush…

  5. 456link

    :yay: I love the new death animations! before, they just sort of melted, but now it’s a satisfying *poof*!

    1. pionoplayer

      Flappy bush!

      Anyways, yeah, I think I like the bushes’ design a bit better this time around. They look a bit less… big, so their looks are more indicative of the lack of actual threat they pose to your party.


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