BH2: Concept Art

Hey guys! I scanned a bunch of sketches I did for Bullet Heaven 2.
These are honestly the best one’s I’ve done for this game. There’s a lot more of them, but the rest are even worse. 😀1 2 3 4 5 7

5 thoughts on “BH2: Concept Art

  1. Kkots

    I think I understand most of it. I’d like to see where you write mathematical formulaes. You’re the type who likes to conserve space, just like me :O

  2. Brian (aka Darkgrievous, ETXAlienRobot201)

    Some of these are pretty epic!

    It’s pretty neat, though, just t see how ideas evolve or come into existence

    Are you gonna include a gallery in the game for people to browse through?
    Just a thought…I know you have done it in the past, I thought it was a nice touch

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      There’s not much to look through this time.
      You still get a gallery of backgrounds and music though.


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