BH2: Big Red Bush Preview

Almost done with the new bosses! I think I’ll leave it at 9 and not do an alternate version of the final boss, which is probably going to be a lot of work and be super shiny.

Anyway, this guy has both leafty patterns and evil boney patterns. That second pattern is actually his easiest one, despite how it looks.


10 thoughts on “BH2: Big Red Bush Preview

  1. Frogslime

    This looks hard… it’s too bad I’m no good at bullet hell games. I like RPGs better. Turn-based or action RPGs are good but I’m not too fond of action rpg platformers. Even so this looks very well made. I guess you can tell from my preferences what games of yours are my favorites… :bleh: sigh…

    Also, I don’t know if you are open to game suggestions, but have you played “Fearless Fantasy”?
    It’s out on steam and coming to tablets soon.
    It could be good inspiration, as it is a very interesting game with very strange looking foes
    and very good music/voice acting.

    P.S. What’s your favorite 3ds game?

  2. metallica_dillon

    This game is gonna be beautiful madness. I can’t wait to play it! Keep up the good work Matt. :yay:

    1. Gamork

      Madness? THIS! IS! BULLET HEAVEN (2)! *kicks you in the chest*

      But seriously, the game looks freaking beautiful.

  3. Kyle

    The new player dot looks great. Loving the visibility. Oh and of course all the awesome new bosses I’m going to play :).


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