Monthly Archives: June 2014

BH2: Foe Spritesheet

Here’s what the foe animations actually look like when they’re compiled using Dragonbones for Starling to use. The blur filters are currently cut off because they don’t add to the bounding rectangle sizes, but that’s an easy fix (just put an invisible box around them).

As I mentioned in my Cat Cafe posts, Dragonbones can do some pretty cool stuff with tweened animtions. It can change the speed and framerate of animations, play them backwards, and it can blend together different animations (demonstrated in the player sprite). Quite handy.


BH2: Players!

Drew the first 4 players! They’ll function much like in the previous game, except Anna and Natalie will have their secondary weapons swapped. Once I program these guys, I’ll start working on multiplayer gameplay.

I’m curious to hear what other playable characters you want to see. NoLegs and Slime Bunny will be playable for sure. The main cat from Cat Cafe probably too.

There will be no permanent upgrades this time, but I’m considering some sort of player customization system, where you can equip some stat modifiers (+10% movement speed, +20% power up duration, etc), or change each player’s sub weapon to a totally different one.

We shall see.