5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all that.

  1. Kkots

    I once had a game with a Christmas mode too. I was turning it on by updating the game, though. Anyway, in the mode, all enemies were replaced with Santas (armed with LR-300’s) and Ded Morozs (armed with AN-94 Abakans). Also, all levels were decorated with Christmas trees, shiny balls and that green shiny thing looking like a rope (don’t know how it’s called).
    Note that the game was very small, so all that was easy to do.

    Maybe you could make something like your old thing called “White Mage Christmas”? That’d get frontpaged (….. on NG, of course, I mean), I’m sure it would give everyone more of that happy feeling.
    *waits for reply in Link’s anticipation pose from that webcomic*


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