EBF4: Alpha Testing

The EBF4 expansion is nearing completion and I’m currently testing the new enemies. Here’s some screenshots…


Dark Natalie has a lot of cheap tricks up her sleeve.


Armored Oak casts the “Blast” spell 10 times.

26 thoughts on “EBF4: Alpha Testing

  1. Patrick Ryan Joseph

    Yah… tell me what kind of attacks that bosses gonna use? Don’t know what kind of resistance i need. What the best way?

  2. a good fan of yours...

    just to say, it COULD be a cloning experiment gone wrong from the Waste Disposal Plant (:smirk: :skull:) OR it could be if your charactes die and you dont revive or win in 10 turns, the go dark ( :smirk: 10 turns later 👿 )

  3. john

    the new features are cool and the dark gang is a great addition but may i suggest that the drops of godcat the creator and the destroyer be available in the steam version once its done and i hope its going to be 100% free!!!

    1. Kkots

      Undetermined amount of time.
      But Steam Greenlight says that usually it does not take long for the game to get released after it gets greenlit.
      So I assume they have statistics for it and you can perceive that expression as truth. 😐

    1. Groundonrage

      You pay for the game via Steam which it will then allow you to install it via download. So basically what Nacho said, both.

  4. Groundonrage

    Is there any chance that there is going to be a hotkey user interface?
    Something like during battle
    1 – Attack
    1. Attack
    2. Limit Break (1)
    3. Limit Break (2)
    2 – Tactics
    1. Defend
    2. Skip Turn
    etc etc.
    I would like to be able to play solely with the keyboard when just moving around.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      No plans for it, and even if I did have keyboard support, it would only be in a style suitable for controllers.

  5. Zakintos96

    I’m exiting , but this is an expansion for ebf4 web game or the steam game??? I don’t understand if this game came out for steam or no??? :stars: :stars: :stars:

    1. ShadowSun

      I t is going to be a Steam game, with all the stuff that comes with that (fullscreen mode, offline play etc.) The new content will be available online to people who paid for the Kongregate bonus stuff. Hope that clears things up for you. :smirk:

  6. Kkots

    There’s got to be some way to implement Steam API!.. *grabs own head in panic*
    1) Adobe Alchemy? (Should be accessible from Creative Cloud. Allows to compile C/C++ code into AS3 – the.. Steam API.. into a class *wink*.)
    2) Ask Valve in a letter if they have some domain to which you could send URL requests to unlock medals, or for some way to use Steam API in ActionScript 3.0?

    That’s no big loss if you don’t implement it, only 3-5 people asked for it. Still would be a small bonus. But probably is not worth wast.. *shuts up*

  7. Idea man

    One of those bomb elemental spells in screenshot 2 look quite different.Is this going to be a new spell ❓

  8. ShadowSun

    That 1st screenshot reminds me of when the last pyrohydra head (dark one) summoned two ghosts and killed me in one round of instadeath spells. 👿

  9. CrazedJedi

    That first SS looks…worrying. (Note to self: level up insta-death resistant armor post-haste.)

    Here’s something I’ve been wondering lately as I’ve kept an eye on the development of EBF4 for Steam: is there a way for willing fans to help bug test your alpha and beta builds? I’d certainly help if there was a feasible way to do so.

  10. a loyal fan

    Is this the expansion for kongregate too? will the steam version be released too? can i run the steam version on mac?


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