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EBF5: Tropical Forest

Here’s the result of another day of drawing map stuff. I’m very happy with how this turned out. The trees especially are very flexible since they’re made of several parts.

This could be part of the starting area perhaps.
Once again I’ll have to point out that these are not real maps yet, I’m just drawing assets.

Pit Stop

I meant to create some kind of pit stop for cars, and instead I created this weird scifi scene.
Not sure exactly what goes on here, but maybe it’s some kind of border check for vehicles.

I think it’s a bit over-engineered with too much stuff going on.
Also this website now has a Lego category, fittingly. 

EBF5: Map Style Test

Spent the whole day putting this scene together. The aim was to see if I can recycle most of EBF4′s map assets but also make them look better, and I think I succeeded in that. EBF5 will have proper land tiles this time round, instead of the lazy mess of the previous game, and the old stuff is still compatible with the new, stylistically. Woop!

What do you think?

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Battle Demo

I’ve been testing the Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Battle System for a few days now, and now it’s on version 0.6. If you haven’t played it yet, check it out and help test things.
The link is up above, in the header.

I didn’t tell everyone about this earlier because I needed to fix the obvious bugs first, but now it should be quite stable.

demo av

Cool Cars

Here’s some more Lego MOCs.
I’m really happy with how the bone car turned out. I managed to get quite a lot of detail in there without it looking too crazy.

The EBF5 battle demo is on Kongregate for Kong+ members btw. Everyone else will get it in a few days.

Fanart: Anna

Here’s some pretty fanart of Anna from Pineple1.

I did some hardcore runtime resource analysis of EBF5, and I found a surprising source of memory leakage and CPU spikes: The status icons! Apparently they never get deleted correctly and thousands of invisible icons build up over time. This is probably the cause of the memory leak in EBF4 too. Whoops. I should have done this a long time ago. This is the kind of tedious stuff you need to watch out for when making games.