Christmas Key Giveaway 2021

[This giveaway is now over. Here’s an update]

Hey guys, as is the tradition, I’m giving out 20 Steam Keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 this Christmas.
I assume that many people following this news already own the game, but it could also make a good present for a friend of yours.

For a chance to win, leave a comment below about what you’ll be doing this Christmas, and make sure to fill in the email field, which will only be used for sending you a key if you win.

I’ll be giving out the keys on the 23rd of December, so you have until then to enter.

If you would rather receive keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 or Bullet Heaven 2 instead of EBF5, please let me know in your comment.


1,124 thoughts on “Christmas Key Giveaway 2021

  1. RegionLocking

    For Christmas, I’m spending time with my friends and family. Some of it will be through online calls, but that’s OK!

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  3. TS

    I own the game. Love it!

    Honestly, If i had a key, I’d give it away on a stream probably. So why not just let people here have it.

    Happy Holidays People.

  4. Norby

    Well, spend some time with my family, and then play video games with my best friend lol, merry Christmas to everyone and good luck, and thank you very much for the wonderful saga of EBP.

  5. I.C.B.M.

    We don’t have christmas here but we’ll be doing a christmas giveaway in our little discord server. Meŕy christmas everyone.

  6. Fae

    My only real friend is in the hospital with covid because their parents believed masks are just a ‘control tactic’ and brought a virus home for the holidays, so I’m probably going to spend christmas bingewatching The Last Kingdom again.

  7. Johnny2115

    im gonna spend time with family, and play some computer games like everyday,Matt your games are childhood for me, but i never played full version of EBF5 ,would be really grateful if I win a giveaway. Merry Christmas xoxo

  8. Demon

    I’d love to be able to get a key to the steam of EBF4, I loved every bit of the work put into 5 and am happy to see you still going strong.

  9. Nicuaranna

    Within the week around Christmas, with some help, I plan to try and ninja a new washer/dryer combo unit in for my grandmother as a surprise gift, as both of hers are in dire need of replacement.

  10. Ta Trung Hieu

    I will make gingerbread for the first time, then give it to the homeless people. I hope everyone have a cosy Christmas

  11. Aaron Jones

    On Christmas we will be inflating a giant inflatable so my two year old and I can play on it! Bounce house go!

  12. TheOT

    Just recently started replaying EBF3, on, it is quite cool to see how the the EBF games have evolved, frim a small flash to a whole franchise. Hoping to complete by Christmas.

  13. Tomás Bravi

    On Christmas eve I’ll have a family dinner, and after celebrating it at night I’m not sure what I’ll be doing tbh but I want to be with my friends for a bit at least and greet their families here on the neighborhood.

  14. Agergo100

    Christmas tree decoration here, Christmas celebration at home, Classic.
    But the chances of winning are 1,000 of 1.
    (Sad nyeee noise)

  15. Rayane

    Forgot to say this in my previous comment. I usually do not celebrate Christmas (non-Christian family), but this time it may be different, maybe I’ll do with a friend’s family or something. But aside from that, I have a lot of college work to do and I’ll probably hit the gym a few hours.

  16. Some random dude in 2003

    This Christmas I’ll try to improve my storywriting skills, brainstorm plots, vibe with my family, and play the previous EBF games while in my free time!

  17. John

    Because of Covid, my family can’t go anywhere to have fun like last year. But that won’t stop my family and I having some nice board games with each other.

  18. Graye

    This Christmas I’ll be traveling to meet my family, with whom I was unable to spend time last year courtesy of illness. Leaving in a few hours, actually. It’ll be the first opportunity to see my new niece since she was born in early November, to visit my grandfather’s grave since he passed this summer and a long-awaited reunion with my youngest sister who was overseas at college. Hope you all enjoy the holiday season, as well, and that the forthcoming year is filled with cheer!

  19. Some random dude in 2003

    I want to write my stories during the holidays or at least brainstorm’ em, and then try out the other EBF games when I have free time. And maybe even vibe with my family.

  20. Johnathan Chhum

    I will be spending Christmas at home. Will binge watch some of my favorite Christmas movies with my family.

  21. Pansei_cuz

    For the first time, I was the one who organized the Christmas dinner, I will eat turkey with my family and exchange gifts, I hope everything goes well and you have a good time 😀

  22. Evilhuntsman

    I’m gonna spend my Christmas hanging out with friends and then on vacation in Florida.

  23. Gustavo

    A friend will come visit me and maybe watch some movies and have dinner with my family.
    The only game missing from my collection is Bullet Heaven 2 😀

  24. Chillin

    For Christmas, gonna shopping around, then playing some games, including BH2 and EBF4, probably 😛

  25. IceyChilling

    I will spend my whole christmast stay at home and play monster hunter or some turn base games because of quarantine i cant go anywhere and i hope next christmast gonna be better

  26. AP

    My Christmas is going to involve creating a save state w/ family at the building where save states are normally made. A round of gacha is sure to follow. Afterwards hit points will be recovered with stat recovery items and maybe some relationships will hit ‘A’ rank. Somewhere in all of this I’ll need to dedicate some AP to make progress towards class advancement. Good luck with the grinding and nat5 encounters next year everyone, and Happy Holidays!

  27. Jose Maria

    We plan to spend with family, I will cook I am from Latin America (Mexico) I will do something traditional from my country called tamales xD and charro beans, is what I will be doing preparing everything with my brothers and my mother also some dessert something called chocoflan will be easy but good

  28. Matt

    Well, Christmas morning I will be going carp fishing and then off to try and get a COVID test once stores have opened. With any test luck I will go visit family that evening/next day.

  29. Miko

    For Christmas, I plan on going to just spend it watching movies and playing video games with friends. Also if I win I’ll like to recieve Epic Battle Fantasy 4 instead of 5.

  30. Maximiliano Ian Saenz

    I’ll be having fun with friends, dancing drinking. just the normal but with the xmas excuse to reunite them xd

  31. Vinco

    Can’t say that I really have more detailed plans than “Stay home, eat food, play games, enjoy a bit of time off work.”

  32. Catherine King

    My friend and I used to race through the earlier EBF games. That was many years ago, and since then they’ve stopped playing games for the most part, especially since as far as they’re concerned Flash is 100% dead and the old games are unplayable. I want to gift this to her for her birthday alongside a challenge to a race through this game ❤

  33. Charlie F.

    I’ll be doing some apologising to people about not getting them presents as I’ve been trapped in the southern hemisphere thanks to the pandemic and FORGOT THAT SUMMER MEANS CHRISTMAS HERE.

    Also, fan of your work since I was thirteen, good to see you’re still making games!

  34. Cream

    I will spend this Christmas drawing, playing with my brothers and eating with my family. Sadly this time I will not eat much because I got food poisoning some days ago but I will try to enjoy this ad much as possible

    Also I will like a bullet heaven copy if is possible

  35. Christian "GiggleBomb" M

    Will be going over a friend’s house for Christmas, I couldnt see my family in California for the second time these Christmas’ (Last year was cause of Covid stopping all flights) as my work didnt approve of my time off. Its how it is i guess, exchanging presents, watching some anime, and having a good time despite everything!
    Love your games Matt and hope you have a good Christmas 😀

  36. wilk0079

    I would begin with basic stuff. So I will spend some of that time with my closest family, especially with my grandma. Christmas is the time when my family bakes the best cakes so I will enjoy them as much as I can. Well truth is that most of Christmas break I will play on pc. I’m the kind of person who strives to get all the achievements in games I own. Coincidentally currently I’m focused on making 100% in EBF4, though beating godcat and those boss marathons on epic difficulty still keeps me away from achieving it. Unfortunately I will also play League of Legends and test my sanity… Hopefully I will hit better rank at end of this year.

  37. annonymus

    Well, mostly likely what I did every other christmas, spend it with my family, just us together and talking about the past and what we will do now. But this year it will be a little calmer a little quieter because both of my parents just got infected with The Virus so here is that.

    Happy holidays

  38. Jacob

    I will be staying the night of Christmas eve at my fiancé’s parents house to open presents nice and early in the morning. Her nephew is still young enough to believe in Santa so he is extremely excited for everyone to be there.

  39. HNFH

    I’ll be spending my Christmas practicing my art more. This year I’ve improved so I’m looking forward for next year too

  40. King

    Ill probably spend this Christmas locked at home without visiting much family due to the covid spreading again in my country

  41. ArcaneRanger

    I plan on giving the key to a friend of mine, I already have the game so it’d be nice to give a fit this year

  42. Mateuszkus

    Hi, I’ll be chilling at home with my family (for obvious reasons), but we already have the christmas tree and decorations set up. I also helped my mom bake some cookies today!

    Regarding the giveaway: I’d like to recieve Bullet Heaven 2 instead, because I already own EBF5

    Merry Christmas!

  43. Fisto

    I’ll be doing the usual fare with family. First a nice, big breakfast of biscuits, eggs, bacon, and gravy in the morning, then we share gifts. We may do our own thing afterwards until close to dinner, where we have Thanksgiving mk II, and afterwards we watch a Christmas movie. This year is either National Lampoon or Elf, depending on which one we watch on the Eve.

  44. Cam

    This Christmas, I’ll be producing a labor of love my family cherishes the most – creating eggnog. It’s a hefty process, involving separating 40 yolks from the whites, not scalding almost a gallon of milk, and not scrambling the eggs via tempering – but something I both loathe and look forward to every year, just given how good the end result is. Aside from that, I’ll probably be eating far too many cookies and watching a Christmas Story on loop throughout the entire duration of the day. There’s also the whole gift opening thing ( I’m hoping for a rice cooker :] ) which kicks off the day, though I’ve struggled with finding good gifts for either of my siblings this year – hopefully my little brother likes the cheese-making kit I’m getting him since he expressed vague interest in that a few months prior. Hope all of you get to enjoy a merry holiday yourselves! :~)

  45. Nitro

    My family decided to ditch traditional meat and try something different. We are going to have homemade Katsu Chicken rice bowls instead!

  46. Niko

    I’m going to spend all Christmas with my partner and her family. We will be passing through a strange new year’s eve, after that.

  47. Marceline

    I think ill spend the xmas (the 24th here) with my core family, and on the next day, have another xmas with just me and my roommate whos family kinda sucks so I get to give him a nicer holiday by just being there. Ofc we’ll have food and everything!

  48. Anonymous

    I’m planning on spending Christmas with my family and cat and will be very excited if I were to get a key for EBF5

  49. Catt

    I will be traveling a few states over to see some family, hosting a Christmas party with a bunch of friends, and enjoying my free time! I’ll probably chip away at my Steam library and study Spanish and Japanese, the two languages that I enjoy learning. Have a good Christmas Matt and Ronja!

  50. Vanilla

    I’m going to spend some time with my friends and family and probably play some Pokemon BD/SP in the meantime. Also, making sure to stay safe out here!

  51. Farouk Zakaria

    I’ve been a fan for 10 years (been playing since I was 8 years old with my bro), my childhood has been awesome mostly cuz of this game I swear to God… Anyways.. My hope is to win the keys of “bullet heaven 2” because I haven’t tried this series yet.. Would be a cool beginning

  52. Rayane

    My man, just wanted to tell you that I’ve been a fan ever since EBF4 came out when I was younger. I remember playing that game non-stop and being very confused at one of the Beholder’s attacks (the ”Censored” Natalia one). I was very hyped to play EBF5 and I must say, seeing how it turned out and re-playing some of the earlier titles, I can see you have grown a lot as a game developer and I hope you still keep going. Thanks for all the amazing experiences and merry Christmas!

  53. Stabe

    I will be enjoying some games on my new Switch and be with my family, probably play some board games!

    1. Anthony

      I will most likely be trying to 100% Costume Quest on Christmas because of the special achievement needed. I won’t be able to spend Christmas with the family this year so gaming is all I have haha. Anyways would awesome to win as I always wanted to give this series a shot.

      Happy Holidays,

  54. Sanguine

    Big fan long time from Vietnam, Im a man of little words and also not very good at English but I grew so much form the last decade playing your old game, follow you since then, i recently found out that you still making the game, you don’t know how much i excited to play it but I haven’t started yet. I may not win this but surely who getting the key will be very glad to play your game.

  55. Owen

    I will be spending this Christmas working on self-improvement and tidying up my House to make it look better as well as cleaning my room.

  56. Lauris Plinta

    For Christmas I will be going to grandparents house where bunch of relatives will be just celebrating. Nothing much really. Maybe after that spend time with my cat.

  57. Sleeping Moon

    Unfortunately I’ll be spending my Christmas working although It’s work from home! But hopefully while I’m working I’m playing EBF5 😉 also I would like to thank you Captain for your never ending perseverance on working on making this game better! I also appreciate you for always connecting with your fans, I hope you dont change and more power always! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Captain!

    Please do leave NoLegs Santa socks for christmas.
    ^ o ^ v

  58. Rayden Solo

    I’ll be spending a few days back home with my mom, grandmother and some cats.
    Going to move to another shared apartment after that, moving around christmas sucks

  59. Randi

    Ill likely be staying either home or up at the neighbors and probably helping cook, eating food, and opening gifts from my grandparents.

  60. Casper hakala

    As long as i remember, we have always spent christmas at my grandparents house where the whole family gathers, so we’ll be doing that again.

    I’m a long time EBF fan and when Epic Battle Fantasy 5 releashed, my good friend watched me play and fell in love with it too. Then he bought it and played it and now he is currently as big fan as i am, so if this gets picked for the giveaway, i’m planning on giving Epic Battle Fantasy 4 to him as a christmas gift. He would have bought it already but his money situation has been a not so good for a long time

    Merry christmas and keep up the good work with the amazing games you have entertained me with for years!

  61. Anthony

    I will be going home from my mos school! I plan to just chill with the family and enjoy being home after dealing with bootcamp and combat training!

  62. Mark

    I’ll be spending Christmas staying at home with family and rightfully so ? All of us went down with COVID earlier this week with the new variant so blankets and lots of TV here we go!

  63. Myru

    I will spend my christmas with my couple, playing games and watching movies! Hopefully playing EBF5!

  64. Jamie

    Probably just trying to meet up with a psychiatrist so I can start to transition to female in this hellhole country (England lol)

  65. Elliott

    I’ll be spending it with my girlfriend, but also with my brother who’s in town from Washington.

  66. Lux

    I’ll spend my Christmas working on getting my college life straight, and getting an excuse to treat myself to better food!

  67. Suprazord

    I will spend the holidays with my parents and my 2 brothers at home. It won’t be special but still be nice.

  68. Iuri de Andrade Pereira

    I’ll be spending some time with my mom, she had a tough year so i want to comfort her.

  69. cheet192

    I will spend my Christmas with my family, especially with my visiting sibling staying for the holidays.

    If I win, I would like a steam key for EBF4, thank you!

  70. Magister

    I will spend my Christmas with my family. Eat a nice meal together and just enjoy the christmas time together

  71. Draconix

    I’ll be spending time with my families on christmas proper, then I’ll visit my friends, and play board games for a whole week.

    If I win, I’d like to get a Bullet Heaven 2, because I don’t have that yet, and I want to play it with my boyfriend.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays for all!

  72. Not Netzach

    I’m probably spending time with all my cousins, it’s a shame im the only male one besides my dad…

    1. alex

      This Christmas I will be spending time with my father, mother, cousin and grandmother. Hope I can win since I’ve tried out the game on a cracked version and logged around ~30 hours in a week. I’ll buy the game with my Christmas money if I don’t though. XP

  73. Daynov

    If I’m lucky and the roads are not closed like it happens occasionally for Christmas, I’ll be spending my time with my mother at home.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  74. Albertheh

    Thanks for making awesome games, and marry christmas to everyone. And i don’t really need a free key. So good luck to everyone else 😉

  75. Wayne

    I will just be staying at home this Christmas with my family and play some games, and maybe continue working on the demo for my visual novel.

  76. Liam

    Will be spending Christmas with my parents only as most of the other family members cannot make it. It sucks but I’ll make up for it by cooking something fantastic for the 3 of us.

  77. SeekerOfPain

    This Christmas, i’ll be alone on my house (was a tough year). Eating a lot of tasty goodies while i’m finishing the 100% achievement on Steam for EBF 4 (and if i win also EBF5). I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an amazing new year! <3

  78. KK22x22

    I can’t really go outside due to fear of the Myanmar government so I’ll probably spend most of my time indoors playing games with my friends. It would be nice to give my friend a copy of EBF 5 so he’ll have something to do over the holidays.

  79. Hamill Cavero

    For Christmas I’ll be eating turkey with my family they really like turkey, I don’t like it that much but seeing them happy makes me happy too!

  80. Meefteack

    I’ll spend this christmas with my family in a chalet we rented in the mountains for the occasion (sorry for my bad grammar i’m french :/ )

    1. B.Glazed Terracotta

      my brother will come to my house probably and probably make a mess. Tho if I get the key he will probably start playing ebf5, I told him when I was 10 and flash games were a thing that ebf was an underrated jem (alongside many other flash games). I loved the game and it’s characters (specialy Lance). It feels good to see that the creator and the fans are still somewhat active.

  81. Xenoida

    For Christmas I’ll be continuing the tradition of being the one who consumes most of the Christmas ham at the dinner table, and maybe a bit of Gunpla building while I’m at it.

    Also, a steam key for EBF4 would be pretty nifty instead. My friends need to go a step back before they enjoy 5!

  82. Tim K ||BigTee

    I’ll spend Christmas visiting my relatives living half across the country, seeing some of them for the first time since the pandemic, the rest of my holiday vacation I’m going on dates and being lonely while playing games

  83. Edward

    I will spend this Christmas with my Mother and probably go back to playing video games. But I’ll enjoy the times I make for family.

  84. Just some rpg dude

    Honestly I’m just going to play rpg maker games like the Lisa games/fangames or some other rpg with good turn based mechanics like epic battle fantasy or OFF

  85. King2B

    I’m going to spend Christmas with my family. And then I’ll play EpicBattleFantasy5 if I win)

  86. Angel Fran

    I’ll be spending this Christmas with my parents and the family of a close friend. Years ago I met two people on Omegle, one is now my girlfriend and we are sending each other gifts this week. The other person I met is a friend I introduced to the EBF series, he already played 3 & 4, so I’d like to gift him EBF5. I’m quite excited for this holidays and I hope I can give this gift to my friend.

  87. C4ptainseven

    Your games helped shape my childhood. It’s because of them that I have a stand-alone flash player on my computer.

  88. Ai

    I’ll come home for my semester break until next year!
    Might as well finish EBF5 while I’m home >:) (just bought it last month)

  89. lobsterlee

    I bought an ebf 5 as a birthday gift for my friend. I’ll be waiting for elden ring with playing ebf in this Christmas.

  90. Azusattack

    I’ll be coming home for Christmas from college for winter break. I’ll finally get some free time after a long semester of exams and projects. Never played Epic Battle Fantasy before though, I just found out about it a little while ago, and I can’t believe I missed it back then.

  91. MelgaM

    I’ll spend this Christmas with my family. And maybe after the fireworks, I’ll play some board games with a friend.

  92. Leandro

    Voy a pasar Navidad con mi familia, espero poder disfrutar del EBF4 si es que llego a ganar la llave, desde ya, muchas gracias por esta oportunidad ??

  93. Loyal

    I’ll be hopefully spending it with my family watching old Christmas movies. Praying for snow. Would love a key for Epic Battle Fantasy 4 to make the holiday complete :p IF THE MATT PLEASES

  94. anthony labbe

    allez voir ma famille que je n’ai pas vus depuis longtemps et me reposer ^^ bonne vacance à vous tous

  95. Joseph

    I will hopefully have some contact with my family. I’ve been very detached from them for a while, it might be nice.

    If I do receive one of the keys, I’ll be giving it to one of my brothers.

  96. Auran

    i will pass my christmas with my family and friends, we are going to play final fantasy 14 together.

  97. Joe Perry

    I’m going to be spending my Christmas spending some time with family and playing a few games with some friends.

  98. Remula

    This Christmas my wife and I will be telling our families that we are pregnant wit h our first child. Love your gmaes.

  99. maxim

    for christmas I’m going to go to my grandmother, move to a new apartment and buy myself a new pc

  100. PiePeter

    This christmas I’ll be spending some quality time with my girlfriend, making sure to drink loads of hot chocolate and to just generally have a good time. I hope you’ll have a wonderful christmas too Matt! This also goes out to everyone who reads this!

  101. Respec

    Will be chilling at home with family for the first time in a while and applying for research and internships in the meanwhile. Also looking forward to meeting up with old friends and my boyfriend over the break! 😀

  102. Jason Azucena

    Hey Matt! I only discovered your games last year, but I am already in love with the series as a whole. I’ve even made some ideas for new content like equipment, enemies and even brand new players! Anyway, I live in the Philippines, and as you probably know we just got hit by a really nasty typhoon. I had to go four whole days without internet, and of course I’m writing this as soon as I realized I was back online. I’m gonna spend my Christmas time with my family, probably fixing up any more damage caused by the storm. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please send the key to my brother’s Steam account, since we share it.

  103. Paco

    I’ll be spending my Christmas finally relaxing, as the combination of school and internship left me with next to no free time until then. Afterwards things will go back to being relatively calm 🙂

  104. Ryan Mercier

    Hey Matt- Over Christmas I will be going sledding on this massive hill by my house, hope you enjoy the break too :).

  105. Dorkata

    Gonna spend this Christmas year with several of my friends alongside watching movies. It’s gonna be very exciting as we haven’t seen each other in a long time.

  106. Whyger721

    I’ll be spending my time with my family and my friends after so many stressful exams. I’ll finally get a break and have some fun.

  107. Monkey

    I will spend this Christmas with my partner. I am really excited to spend time together with family.

  108. V

    I’ll be spending time with my friends and family! Sleep a lot too. Bullet Heaven 2 would be awesome <3

  109. Dragunfire

    I am going to spend this Christmas with my family and online friends. If I am picked I would rather receive a Epic Battle Fantasy 4 key.

  110. ReinerGuy2148

    Revising for my exams, and probably having a hot chocolate with my brother on eve’s day.

  111. Higgs

    Ebf5 Please!! I’ve been with this series for as long as I remember and I really want to try it out. Played the flash games for ebf3 and 4, but I’ve kept myself off 5 just so I can experience it fully!

    I’ll be spending it with my buddies who’ve invited me over for a Christmas party over at theirs, beer n all. Have a good one, man

  112. Irusume

    I will spend Time with my family at home and gift presents to them and open mine from them! 😮

  113. Electro

    Playing EBF5, if all goes well! Thank you, Matt 😀
    That aside, I’ll be spending the holidays with my family, they’ve not seen me in a while and I’m just returning from a few courses I’ve been taking to see them for Christmas. Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  114. Miracleluck

    Christmas is the time for family gathering and present unwrapping. It will be full of foods, chats, hangouts and nintendo switch games for me and my family.

  115. KJC

    Try to finish my wishlist,go visit old friends in games and speed the rest of the day with my cat.

  116. Kayla

    Gonna spend Christmas with my mom, but I’m spending all the days around Christmas working. Four days before, three days after. Retail is like that 🙁

  117. Derzox

    I will spend this christmas sitting in a room, playing videogames, alone.
    I will play a lot of ebf5, though. Just wondered if i can get a key for my internet friend. Big fan of yours matt.

  118. therxyy

    I’m probably going to spend Christmas playing games, watching movies with my family, and opening presents

    I’ve been playing this game since ebf1, as a kid. it’s pretty sick growing up and seeing this game evolve through the years. Id really like to play the latest addition to the series, as id love to see the new additions to the game, and once more have fun with ebf!

  119. Anne

    Hey! I would really like a key for EBF5!
    Im not doing anything this christmas cuz my mother lost her job and we are not spending on anything!
    My brother told me about EBF4 on 2016 and ive been amazed and played it on a free website!
    If i could get the key!I It would be a dream come true!

  120. Strawberry

    This Christmas I’ll be playing games online with my friends and also celebrate it with my family. I’ve been a fan of your games ever since I was little, and had tried almost all of it. Excited to play more of your works. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

  121. TaxiBotolov754

    I’ll be spending Christmas with my seperated parents.
    Also I’m gonna play some games I got from XBox Game Pass 3-month subscription and sort out my Steam library.

  122. Steon

    I’ll be spending my time with brother and his girlfriend’s house for doggos and friends so It’s going to be enjoyable 😀

    1. David Zhang

      Forgot to add that I already bought EBF5, so I wouldn’t mind one of the other games. Any one would do, up to you 🙂 Thanks!

  123. lazr61

    I will spend this Christmas with my friends and family, and I plan to give them a great gift. By giving them all a memorable experience giving each one of them a gag gift to go along with their actual gifts. Nothing better than sharing a laugh with friends, with a memory that’ll last a lifetime. Hopefully everything goes well!

  124. Joseph

    I don’t celebrate, but I’ll be enjoying my Winter break by catching up on my gaming backlog, reading stuff, and maybe doing a little writing.

  125. KitBit

    For Christmas, I will be drawing as much fanart for all my friends as I can and hopefully being a happy person

  126. Tsuki

    I’m going to bake a cake for Christmas, and play through some old games I saved on my hard drive. It’s pretty quiet and peaceful here.

  127. Rixor14

    Gonna be hanging out with my family after not being able to last year because of covid. I’m super excited to see them all again, listening to some classic music, exchanging gifts ect.

  128. Gabriel.

    Hi Matt, I’m a Brazilian fan of your games, and I would love to receive the EBF4 for Christmas
    I’ve almost finished EBF5, I have a lot of fun with these games and they sure make my day better! Thank you very much!

  129. MegamiOfWind

    I’m gonna be just hanging out on X-mas this year, tbh. Not very exciting but holiday celebrations and the like just stress me out.

    Oh, and I’d prefer a Bullet Heaven 2 Key.

  130. Michael

    I will be spending it caring for my grandparents while preparing Christmas dinner. I don’t really need much else to be honest but I loved your past games from newsgrounds.

  131. Saril

    I’ll be spending the holidays in a guesthouse in the Austrian Alps that I visit almost every year. The guesthouse sits on a plateau with nice meadows and seven lakes, and you can climb mountains or ski there in the winter.

  132. Lucy

    I was going to go to see family for Christmas, but both sides of my family cancelled due to the pandemic, so now I do not think I will be doing anything

  133. Kine

    For this Christmas most likely I’ll just be spending it with my grandparents and other family

  134. Michael Justo

    I’m going to be spending my Christmas working and taking care of my wife who is recovering from a bilateral mastectomy due to cancer.

  135. Luis Javier Galindo Terraza

    I will spent christmass with my family after very long time, i wish everyone would be ok, and probably, i will play videogames with them.
    I wish everyone in this post have a nice christmass with the people they love and like, and you too matt

  136. Luis Javier Galindo Terraza

    I will spent christmass with my family after very long time, i wish everyone would be ok, and probably, i will play videogames with them.
    I wish everyone in this post have a nice christmass with the people you love and like, and you too matt roszak.

  137. Reynald

    Not easy to say what I will do this Christmas… Probably “nothing”. Yep, COVID. Damn. I’ll be alone in home, isolated. Hopefully, maybe I could play EBF5. Maybe.
    A hug to everyone and … Take care of your health!

  138. Dru

    For christmas I’ll be babysitting a baby puppy and unfortunately will only be home for the day of.

  139. Angelo

    I will spend my christmas with my family, like the usual, cant wait for the dinner. B)
    i would like EBF 4 as i already own the 5

  140. Lilium810

    Hello, for Christmas i want to play with my boyfriend and finally do some races in video games, maybe even a bingo race, i also look foward for my christmas family diner,
    my grandma is pretty sick, but i hope we can see her this years

    Happy Christmas Everybody !!!

    if i get the key i will give it to my boyfriend, love the game to pieces and really want to show it to him

    anyway toodles, kisses from France

  141. Amber

    This Christmas I will be busy finishing all deeds in my hometown, in preparation to finally move away from my parents. I’m both nervous and excited, but hopefully everything will go well and I will be able to make this year’s final holidays special for everyone nearby, because who knows when I will be able to visit them again?

  142. RickVoltaj

    I’ll spend Christmas with my friends. Having a party, playing lots of games and having a sleepless night. And perhaps I’ll play EBF5 if I win ;D (sorry for my bad english level).

  143. Derian Paredes

    I mostly will spend time with family this Christmas and if i had a chance to win i would give away the key to my best friend so he can try out the awesome game ive been talking to him about. 😀

  144. (:

    Most likely, I’m just going to relax with family. Rarely does my family do anything like go to a theme park or something on Christmas Day, and I like that.

    (I would prefer a key for EBF4)

  145. Gamaje

    Hi ! Like the majority of people here, I’ll stay at home with my family. And maybe buy some games on Steam. Happy Christmas to you and Ronja !

  146. Hi Matt, I’m a player from China. Although there are many exams in college on Christmas Eve, fortunately Christmas is on Saturday, and unsurprisingly this Christmas should be spent with friends again. In fact, I’ve shared this my favorite game with friends, even though they prefer apex. (I would prefer Epic Battle Fantasy 4)Hi~ o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ
    By the way, I wish you a Merry Christmas in advance!

  147. Anstane

    My plans for this Christmas are basically the same as usual: Stay at home with family. No real plans, or even ability to go out anywhere due to work. Instead, mostly gonna be doing what I usually do.

  148. Jonne Timonen-Heinilä

    Hey! Gonna spend my christmas with my girlfriends family (I invited my family if they wanna come spend it with us too.) Big christmas plans coming up, Christmas sauna, food etc. Gonna be a lots of fun this Christmas.

  149. Gattaiguy

    Things are tough this year and I´m barely out of depression but I´ll work hard

    my friends have been quite generous too so I was hoping to get them something nice for christmas, and what´s nicer that EBF?

    hope you all have a good christmas, if you don´t do christmas then have a nice day anyway

  150. Shishi-za

    Just like many others who posted here, I will be spending this Christmas and New Year preparing various dishes(russian salad yeah) with the family, and what’s more important, have quite a fun time with the family. Probably, play a bit too. Simple, but because of this – good, isn’t it?

  151. Tohrovin

    I’ve got so many plans it’s not even funny.

    First things first, i need to finish an animation project, because deadline is coming xD
    Second, i’m going to play board games with family, while eating cakes and cookies i’ve been preparing for… almost a month already.
    I’m also visiting my grandma for a day or two and having a sleepover with my firends i have not seen since summer holidays, because we’re going to collages in different parts of the country and we have no life outside of studies xDDDDDDDDDDD

    If i will have time i will make like a christams art giveaway, one or two free commissions. I also want to play some computer games, because i had no time to do so since, yup, summer holidays. Probably the darkest dungeon, but if chance allows, it will be EBF5 😀

    Is it a bit too much? Probably, but my my monkey brain went “free time” and suddenly i’ve got plans xD

  152. Jesse

    I will be relaxing in my pool with my family on Christmas day as it is summer right now in Australia! I hope it’s a hot day otherwise the pool will be freezing! Other than that, I am just going to be spending a lot of time with the family as that’s what Christmas is all about in my opinion. Hope you have an amazing and merry Christmas!

  153. Kirill

    Hello from Mother Russia! Of course, I will drink vodka and play video games with my pet bear. And of course, my PC work from nuclear reactor energy, coz I have one in my basement obviously UwU.
    Aside from jokes- I`ll just try to survive -30c frost while playing near my pretty overheated pc 😀

  154. Deadly

    Probably going to play games, trying to get more stars for achievements in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, and using Microsoft Teams (my school is using that for online classes) to talk to my best friend. She’s like Anna to me being Matt (a.k.a. only friends, same hobbies etc.)

    (I actually want a key to Epic Battle Fantasy 4)

    1. Deadly

      She would unironically say stuff like “uwu” and “nyan”, so let’s just leave it at that when it comes to what kind of person is she.

      When it comes to stars on achievements, I have a star on the EBF1 simulations, all battle arenas, enemy rush, mini boss rush and boss rush (with all the achievements you would get by fighting those mini bosses and bosses). So I have to try mega boss rush, arcade rush, 2- and 3-player boss rushes, and the final boss (i won’t try the glitch yet).

      PS. My savefile is broken, and I don’t have the companion cube, even tho I already opened the chest that’s supposed to have it. Can I somehow modify the savefile, or is it straight up impossible for a guy that knows nothing about coding? (If it’s the latter, can you somehow fix this in a patch or something? When upgrading to v.2.0 all the chests that were already opened and their contents got changed, it gave my savefiles the equipment that was supposed to be there.)

      1. Matt Roszak Post author

        Check out the EBF Discord – some of the modders or mods there can help you hack your save file and get the missing equips, if you ask nicely.
        Sorry about the trouble.

  155. 曹宝我的曹宝

    Hi matt! I come from China.
    In fact, many Chinese have a examination in Christmas.
    My friend 曹宝 is very nervous about the exam. And I hope he can have a good grades.
    Maybe I can send him a game as a gift.

  156. Gabe

    Merry Christmas! This Christmas, as we do every Christmas, my family will be at my grandmother’s house. We always get together there for different holidays throughout the year, play games, and catch up on any good stories about funny memories. I have also already spent time with a bunch of my friends from college and we had a big Christmas gift exchange. Anyway, once again, Merry Christmas! <3

  157. Benny

    This Christmas I’m sticking with the usual. Most of my extended family live like 5 states away, so I’m just chilling with my parents and siblings.

    On the off-chance I get picked, Bullet Heaven 2 would be fantastic! I’ve 100%’d the free version and it’d be interesting to try the new levels. Your games made up my childhood; keep it up Matt!

  158. Letteraway

    I was just broke up with my girlfriend. :(( So I will spend this Christmas with my roommates in the university.

  159. Kly

    Christmas is here and I have zero plans ahead, probably stay at home, eat, sleep and re-learning Japanese and brush up on my rusty French because my basics man, they are all gone.
    Been a big fan of shoot-em-ups, specifically touhou, tho I would like to experience playing with mouse more, so were I to win, pls giv BH2

  160. Anonymous

    hey matt, thanks for making epic battle fantasy. i remember playing ebf3 a lot in my childhood and came back to the game years later to finally beat it. since then, ive purchased ebf4 and ebf5, (thank you so much for the update you released to 4) and loved them all to bits. i sincerely hope you have a wonderful christmas, and a happy new year. i know ill be spending a lot of time with my new wife and meeting new family this holiday season, spend yours with what you love most too, matt.

  161. Maksymilian

    Merry Xmas everyone! This Christmas I am gonna spend with my family, at our home. My brother got another child so at christmas I will become Godfather. There will be baby christening for both of his Children. I would like to get Bullet Heaven 2. I already got EBF 5 and it’s very good game. Well Done Matt and good luck with next games. With every game you are better at your job. So if you give me EBF 5 key, I will share it with someone as a Christmas Gift.

  162. Anonymous

    I’m probably going to be spending time with my family while wearing truly terrible sweaters. Happy holidays!

  163. poke

    I’ll be working overtime, and gaming with friends. Not a bad way to spend my holidays, though.

  164. Zackary B.

    Merry Christmas, man! Hope the holidays are gonna be great for ya.
    I don’t have much going on myself, aside from, like, a dinner with my family-in-laws.
    If I had something I hope would happen, it’s for everyone to have a great time.

    I’d prefer to get Bullet Heaven 2 to branch out some from the original genre, and since I already own EBF5. I’ve played the heck out of this game, and it’s been real fun! Definitely love all the references, history and details packed into this game. You can tell there’s a lot of love in here, and lots of promise for the future as well.
    Hope y’all have a great time, and hopefully next year will have better stuff coming for us.

  165. Ethan Divon

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all! Love this franchise and I’m excited to see what else you make!

  166. Ben Lewis

    Honestly, playing my new switch oled will be the main thing. As well as some all round good food and drink!

  167. Paulo Prado

    What I will do at Christmas I will eat very delicious food with my family and I will wait until 12:00 pm to open the gifts that my parents bought me and well after that play with what they gave me Feeling the happiest in the world

  168. Hiếu

    I will spend this Chrismas with my family and study for upcoming exams as I am a first year collage student.
    If I win, I’d prefer a key for EBF4 since I have already bought EBF5.

  169. Teal!

    Merry Christmas to both of you!
    And Merry Christmas everyone!
    Bit random but I love Phyrnna’s music a lot by the way vw<

    1. Teal!

      Hmm— I messed it up somehow?

      >Bit random but I love Phyrnna’s music a lot by the way
      I literally cried fighting…
      Ehh— No spoiler so
      I cried a lot beating up a yellow cat!

      1. Teal!

        (Ahh, can’t have komoji I think)

        Ah, truth be told
        I still call EBF 5 my favorite game
        But I thought people would think I’m some little kid talking about some free flash game so
        I decided to change it to Summer Pockets yesterday!
        Speaking of which,
        I think I would be reading Rewrite+ during Christmas!
        And maybe play some Ryza 2 or Rune Factory 4∼
        Ryza 2 is incredible by the way,
        I highly recommend it!
        Ah, I also need to write a little bit but I digress

        I don’t need the giveaway so good luck everyone!
        Again Merry Christmas and have a good one!

      2. Zackary B.

        Oh yeah, God was a tear jerker for real. The music was the real kicker there, plus it wasn’t too hard of a fight, so it didn’t really break the immersion. Still, the whole situation for the crew and the whole world being at stake, with everyone on earth basically having no hope anymore.. it just paints a very sad future for the crew. Even then, it’s still very exciting and attention grabbing. Great game, 10/10, even if the story gets thrown at you a bit more at the end.

  170. Alef de Pontes Silva

    In this Christimas, I’ll probably be studying. Because of the pandemic, my college is now in online format, so is easier to pass the courses (I passed all the calculus, yayyyy \o/). So, beeing easier to pass, I’m with a lot of courses, more than I’d be if the college was presencial, lol. Therefore, I have to killing myself studying, even in holidays . It will worth it :D. I want to finish my college soon to get married. Anyway, sorry for the text, I had to get it off my chest. greetings from Brazil! ^^

  171. Gabriel

    I’ll spend Christmas with my family that I haven’t seen in over a year because of the pandemic, as we’re all vaccinated now (it took a while because i am from Brazil) we can have a nice meeting for old times’ sake.

  172. Werdious

    Going back to Maine to see some family, hoping to see my 93 yr old great grandma. Maybe face to face because of reasons but something.

  173. Nick

    I’ll be meeting up with some of my college friends for some gift exchanging and holiday dinners it’ll be fun, but It’ll be a long drive for me.

  174. Anonymous

    I’ll be going down to Utah to meet up with my brother and his in-laws. We might go shoot some guns or ride around on the ATV, I dunno yet.

  175. Tristan Wyers

    I’ll be spending Christmas with my family, and going to my Grandmothers house for dinner! I already own ebf4, 5, and BH2, so if I get the steam key, im gonna give it to one of my friends who doesn’t own the game 😀

  176. Joseph Henry Blanco

    I’ve been setting up a little projector theatre in my family’s house, we plan on watching a movie or two come Christmas day.

  177. Cristian Rosas Escobar

    I will fight the anxiety I’ve lived with this year after going through some difficulties which has made me afraid of stepping outside of my home, forcing me to stay away from my family and friend, and only talking to them with messages and calls. This christmas I will fight these issues with all my strenght and try to use the impulse to start doing everything I have left undone this whole year I’ve been on hold.

    Good luck to all of you 🙂

  178. Higor

    I’ll be playing games with my friends online, one of them is a girl who is called Ana, and she is cute like de EBF Anna, she also like RPG’s and i want to give EBF5 for her

    1. erenemre

      I won’t celebrate christmas, so i will spend it on school, probably doing homework.

      Thanks for doing great games Matt.

  179. Lebeerus James

    I’m gonna be spending my first christmas day at my own house with my family and girlfriend, then the 2nd day I will go to my girlfriend’s family and celebrate there with gifts~

    Would love EBF5 because my girlfriend loves tactical yet cute games.

  180. Andrew A

    I’ll probably be spending this Christmas continuing to write a story I started about an rpg world with societal failures that mirror our own.

    (bullet heaven 2 would be cool)

  181. Luis J. Velasquez

    For this christmas, all of my family write a christmas letter. I think will be funny .
    I would probably want Bullet Heaven 2,

  182. Gabriel Ruelas

    I will be doing a Christmas get together with my friends. We call it Pitmas because we were all in our High School Marching Band together in the same section, the Front Ensemble which is also known as the Pit. We didn’t get to do it last year because of covid, but we are all vaccinated now.

  183. Wolfers

    As I always do for my Christmas, watch “Home Alone” with the family and friends, get gifts and just have a great time!

  184. Lily30903

    For Christmas, I will be spending time with family and with my birds probably make a special treat for them as a present. Also, I can’t wait until Bullet Heaven 3 comes out I hope it goes well.

  185. Mystical Owl Eldritch

    I’ll go to my family, make shure everything is okay for my lil sisters with their horryfing almost-stepmother.
    We’ll have a big big dinner, watch The Muppet Christmas Carol as a familial tradition and we’ll open our christmas gifts at the christmas eve, cuz we’re to impatient to wait XD

    All of you have a great time for the holidays ! ^^

  186. Pierre Lefébure

    Well, I’ve ran through this times something like 5 times already, and 2 more after the 2.0 update, but after streaming it so much, some friends became interested in it. If I could gift a key to one of them, that’d be nice.

    And if I don’t win, guess I’ll still buy it for em as a christmas gift !

  187. Bacent

    We’ll be staying home for x-mas. Gonna be making Gooey Butter Cake for dessert after a nice ham and sides dinner. Then probably nerding out with games after~

  188. João Pedro Marasca

    Neste natal, além de ficar com minha família, vou querer jogar bastante EBF 5 e quero muito poder platinar o jogo que eu gosto tanto, também quero platinar todos os jogos dessa empresa que gosto muito como EBF 4, EBF 3 entre outro jogos muito legais que ainda estão por vir, se por um acaso eu ganhar o sorteio quero ganhar o Bullet Heaven 2
    para ter uma experiência de um jogo diferente com os mesmos personagens que gosto ( o meu favorito é o Matt, o rei das espadas), tem uma coisa que eu queria que tivesse nos outros jogos da franquia seria tradução em português-Brasil, por que acaba que não sou muito bom em inglês e seria muito mais fácil eu jogar na minha língua nativa,
    mesmo se eu não ganhar o sorteio, fico feliz de fazer parte dessa família <3.
    Vou deixar um texto em português e outro em inglês, para ajudarem vocês na tradução 😀

    This Christmas, in addition to staying with my family, I want to play a lot of EBF 5 and I really want to be able to platinize the game that I like so much, I also want to platinize all the games from this company that I like a lot like EBF 4, EBF 3 and other really cool games that are yet to come, if by chance I win the lottery I want to win Bullet Heaven 2
    to have an experience of a different game with the same characters I like (my favorite is Matt, the king of swords), there's one thing I wanted to have in the other games in the franchise would be Portuguese-Brazilian translation, because it turns out I'm not very good at English and it would be much easier for me to play in my native language,
    even if I don't win the lottery, I'm happy to be part of this family <3.
    I'll leave a text in Portuguese and another in English, to help you with the translation 😀

  189. Netatsake

    I’ll probably be spending it with my girlfriend and her family. We’ll see how much of it I actually spend with her rather than on the gifts she got me, but hey, you get me games for christmas and I’ma play them!

  190. Antoine

    I will see again my girlfriend after 1 month because she lives far away from me and spend my time with my family!
    I met her with video games during covid confinment and it would be cool to show her this game I like to play 🙂

  191. Ivan

    I will spend this Christmas with my family. If we didn’t go out for lunch, probably play video games, watch youtube, or learn how to code.

  192. JustJoe

    Probably going to spend this Christmas with my family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with people I haven’t seen for quite some time.

  193. sanmice_11

    Well, I’ll spend my Christmas day in my family place with my relatives which we will gather and share the feast. And when I win the price, I’ll complete the medals on ebf5 which I still trying for it hehehe. 🙂

  194. Michael

    This Christmas I’ll hopefully be meeting up with my parents and my siblings to do our count to midnight. Maybe play some board games since we cant do that often and drink a bit.

  195. Belyayev's-Fox

    For Christmas this year, I will be opening presents and eating lunch as usual with family at my grandparents house. Do not worry, for my entire family is vaccinated and sensible precautions will taken to minimize the danger of Covid-19 affecting us. If I win this giveaway, then I will give EBF5 to my sister as a Christmas gift.

  196. DannyIsReal

    I will visit my acquaintances and eat dinner with them, have nice moments with my family, give them gifts, and probably saying “happy christmas” to everyone i know.

  197. Sondre

    I don’t partake in Christmas celebrations, but I will be playing games with friends and having a good time.

  198. UpRising

    I’m probably going to sit down and try to 100% EBF5, because I an legally required to self-isolate for being in close contact with a COVID case :/ At least I’ll have something to do lol

  199. Player

    This warned me. I’m going to replay EBF5 for I didn’t reach all achievement.
    By the way, could I see EBF6 before I dead?

  200. Kitsune Lover

    I’m mostly going to be spending time with my family and have fun with all my cousin’s coming over.

  201. NikkiLi

    I will probably do nothing interesting cuz im a loner and an introvert too. But i wish i can play EBF4 . I probably just play my phone and doing daily stuff

  202. Stefano

    well, to be simple and short, i will be spending time at home with my family, (we used to go to my grandmother place, but situations made them difficult now Dx!), also im gonna prepare lots of pumpkim with cheese tortellini and ravioli :)! ALL handmade! XD with some hallaca too xp!, and my father is gonna come too, wich makes it even more special o3o!……….and thats all, a chill xmax.

  203. Jpx0999

    I will be reading and writing fanfictions all day while trying to avoid any social interactions with family menbers i din´t even remenber i had

  204. Gary

    Not much of Christmas for me this year. Work catch up from Covid but, my family promise to leave some food for me when I come back.

  205. Coda

    A friend who moved away is coming home this Christmas so I’ll get to spend some time with him and the rest of my buddies. I’ve been looking forward to this Christmas break all year.

    Two of my friends have been incessantly recommending me this game, so I hope I win the giveaway for an excuse to actually try it out!

  206. Peat

    Christmas tree shopping cart jousting. Trust me, it’s as dangerous as it sounds. Lives will be lost in this battle but the winner will receive a $20 gift card.

  207. Duble

    Im probably gonna spend my christmas gaming! My friend is getting a new PC, so i think it will be fun hanging out with him.

  208. Matheus

    I think im going to work, not sure though , but i would like to be at home with my family this day if i can

  209. Jake Altman

    I’ll be going to a family party and enjoying some (late) chanukah food. I’ll help fry up the latkes and see my cousins.

  210. Wilson Wong

    I’ll be celebrating with some family for Christmas! A steam key for EBF5 would be amazing, I loved the game when I played it on Kongregate

    1. Daniel Wang

      Visiting family for the holidays. I get to see my 5 year old nephew and 9 month niece whom I haven’t seen in several months. As for the celebration, the entire family will be chowing down on some all you can eat Korean BBQ until we can’t move and then finishing it off with some mead from Lost Cause meadery.

  211. Count Viscount

    My family and I will be performing the ancient Jewish ritual of going to a movie and having Chinese food on Christmas. We know it’s a stereotype but it’s a fun stereotype so we kinda make a thing of it. We see some family friends, go see a movie with them, then all go out for Chinese or Thai food. I’m assuming we’ll do that this year but we haven’t made any plans quite yet. Once we get home, I’ll probably relax with some Bullet Heaven 2. (hint hint)

  212. Cameron perkins

    I’ve been a fan ever since I was 8 this is by far my favorite rpg series in my life I stood and watch you grow in popularity and watch as your characters grow and expand in their world sadly I was never able to truly finish EBF5 and I want to finish my childhood and I wish you a merry Christmas.

  213. Son Linh Do

    Ill be studying for my physics exams at univerity, while hitting up my old childhood game EBF that I fell in love with back in the days.

  214. MD

    This time I will go to my cousin’s house togheter with my part of family. There is new generation of us, so we want to spend as many holidays as possible, maybe we even will have normal, prepandemic Christmas one day.
    Thank You for all Your work and sorry for this not sending this PL translation to BH2 yet. Flash still works funny to me ?

    Second comment-sorry, I forgot the e-mail xd

  215. MD

    This time I will go to my cousin’s house togheter with my part of family. There is new generation of us, so we want to spend as many holidays as possible, maybe we even will have normal, prepandemic Christmas one day.
    Thank You for all Your work and sorry for this not sending this PL translation to BH2 yet. Flash still works funny to me 😉

  216. Hunter

    I am going to be driving to the other side of my state to visit family. We have an interesting game set up that is a murder mystery like game. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!

  217. Jesse

    I’ll be working at Walmart Christmas eve, and Christmas day I’ll be up at 5AM to stop my youngest brother from giving my grandfather a heart attack, but the presents look big.
    If I do win I’d like a key for EBF4 though, everyone I know already has EBF5.

  218. Orrin

    Merry Christmas! I am finally able to spend some time at home with family after being stuck at college campus for an entire year.

  219. Dracautiste

    Since I leave far from my Family and Friends for my studies, i’ll be alone thoe Holydays, but were gonna call each others and spend some times on Minecraft , I think !

  220. Kiritotheundertaler

    Honestly, for Christmas I’ll be hanging with some of my friends (online, of course, too terrified to actually go amidst the never ending pandemic). Besides that we’d probably play Uno or Fighter Games online and generally have a good time.

  221. Autumn

    I will be spending the holiday snuggled up with my partner watching our favorite TV shows 🙂 Thanks for all your great games

  222. Joey

    I will be just making rubber hoses after rubber hoses after rubber hoses for christmas for my school requirement.

  223. Raccoon Shinobi

    Assuming that my family doesn’t drag me off to do something on Christmas eve, I plan on getting in a discord call with a good friend of mine, she’s pretty much been alone for every christmas due to her sh***y family situation growing up, even more so that she’s living on her own now. I hope to do what I can to make her night special.

  224. Sara

    Hi! I’ll spend Christmas with my family and the one of my boyfriend, it’s a good excuse to spend time together 😀

    1. cr0w

      most likely going to be playing a chrisms special session of a jojo rpg im in
      Bullet Heaven 2

  225. Bailey

    I’ll be driving 3 hours away to watch a bunch of unforgiving children open presents, then stuffing my face with a bunch of junk food and passing out for the night. By the way, amazing game you have made here!

  226. Tiago Lacerda Cunha

    Hey Matt, gimme this key plzzzzzzz
    EBF4 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    PS: i’m Brazilian sorry for writting badly in english.

    1. Tiago Lacerda Cunha

      I’m going to expend all my time with my family during Christmas.
      BUT, if i have time, i’m into doing speedrun of EBF4 😛

  227. Walter

    This Christmas I will hopefully try to finish ef the first tale (visual novel) and spend time with the family.

  228. Kenny

    This Christmas I will be visiting my cousins and spending the holiday with them. After that I’ll be spending the New Year’s Eve with my friends

  229. Anonymous

    This christmas? Probably working, honestly, but that’s probably fine! Gift giving can come a few days sooner or a few days late.

  230. Levi

    I’ll probably learn a lot biology, and play GTA or Rocket League with friends in my freetime

  231. TheFireDragoon

    Probably gonna spend it playing some multiplayer games with friends, like Jackbox and Gartic!

  232. Michael

    I’ll be spending time with family this Christmas. My aunt and uncle are visiting so we’ll probably be playing some board games! Happy Holidays to all of y’all out there, best wishes to you in this season.

  233. kablaziken (from Newgrounds)

    This Christmas i will spend playing videogames, maybe even EBF5 on steam if i get one, :DDD

  234. Loki

    I’ll be spending the Christmas time with my grandparents, playing either this or Metroid Dread or maybe Pokémon Brilliant Diamond

  235. Schmurr Productions

    (Alternate key, surprise me) I’ll be spending this Christmas doing just as much house work as any other day, because my parents don’t believe in relaxing during holidays.

  236. Huu Nguyen

    I will spend time with my family. Also, I will save up some money to finish my steam wish list.

  237. Darren

    I’m just gonna be real here. Used to have an annual Christmas meetup with friends and we sing karaoke and exchange gifts. Some stuff happened to me along the way and I feel a bit ashamed to meet them this year. Probably gonna just play games all day this Christmas. Would greatly appreciate the key so I can keep myself occupied this Christmas.

    Don’t feel sorry for me.
    Have a merry Christmas everyone! Cheers!

  238. Regr3t

    Currently visiting my family for Christmas, will be spending the Christmas with them. Relaxing , enjoying nice food and having fun.
    Also goin to send gift to my friend ofc , two if I get the key 😀

  239. MrBDman

    I’m going not only to celebrate this Christmas with my family, but also to wish my friend a happy birthday, I hope we can surprise him 🙂

  240. Infinity

    Will be sitting on my bed (with several fans blasting at my computer of course) playing games as much as humanly possible… when I’m not working. Thanks for some wonderful years of games and memories as well, Matt! ^^

  241. Meh Memeh

    i’ll be spending time with my family this christmas and meet up with them for the first time in forever. would like an ebf4 steam key instead of an ebf5 key

  242. Alex303

    Im going to be spending some time with the family! I’m now living in Minnesota so I gotta see what the family here is up too.

  243. Mike

    Have a nice Christmas too.
    I have all EBF games but a bullet heaven key would make me happy 🙂
    Thank you for your work, im fan of the world you created.

  244. Anonymous

    For this christmas i’ll just spend time in my house, thinking of an awesome christmas dinner to cook

  245. Tsuna

    Hello, I will sit at the Christmas at the computer and play your favorite game because there is a winter event

  246. Kurein

    I’m hoping I can reconcile with my family this Christmas. like when I was a kid and I played Epic Battle Fantasy games on the browser. The 5th chapter is the only one I didn’t play yet for the mainline. So… yeah, finger crossed, maybe I’ll be lucky that I will be able to get my family closer and win the giveaway, who knows.

  247. James

    this christmas i plan to enjoy it with family then later (roughly next month) visit inlaws for a late second christmas

  248. Bogdan

    For this year’s Christmas I’m planning to spend the most of my time with my family and friends, reading some books and, of course, playing my favorite video games! In conclusion, I’ll try to relax and enjoy as much as I can this winter! 😀

  249. Maverick

    Gonna spend christmas with my family and probably spend time working on projects.
    Epic battle fantasy 4

  250. Hameem

    I’m gonna be celebrating the Persian holiday Shab eh Yaldah on top of christmas with my family and an assortment of colleagues and associates of the family. Probably gonna replay EBF5 again in the space between those holidays as well

  251. luis

    This Christmas I plan to spend it as a family telling the fact that I cannot leave home at those times, things that help nobody escape!
    Bullet Heaven 2

  252. Anonymous

    I will be doing a secret santa with all of my friends and exchanging gifts with my boyfriend:)

  253. Kafka

    This christmas I’m gonna be heading down to my mother’s house for a few days. I plan to make her my special japanese curry, and we’re gonna go see that new spiderman movie. I’m not big on marvel stuff, but its something to do, yaknow? If I get a code, I’d like it to be for Bullet Heaven 2, I keep meaning to get into Shmups, so I hope that could get me around to playing all those Touhou games I have on my hard drive.

  254. Joseph

    For this Christmas, I mostly plan to catch up with the games and movies that I missed from the previous months and spend time with y family. Hopefully, build some more model kits as well.

  255. cypherpunks

    i will most likely spend like how i normally do
    i would like to have keys for ebf4&5+ bullet heaven 2 if possible
    if cant get more than 1 game. i would like to have ebf 5

  256. Christian

    Im spending this Christmas with my family in Arizona, there’s like a Christmas light drive thru-display that we’re going to go see. Seeing family is always nice!

  257. Vinicius Leal (Krikstaf)

    I’m going to spend Christmas with my family eating Panettone and celebrating Christmas in an incredible way, sharing gifts and playing all night long, seeing my cousins that ​​I haven’t seen in a long time and most importantly, be happy and bring happiness to my family.

  258. Noah

    I’ll be trying to spend as much time as I can with family and enjoying the weather of the season. I hope you have a great holiday as well 🙂

    btw: love your games been playing since EBF1.

  259. MoonOfTheWorld

    I’ll be spending times with my friends and family, most likely playing games and having dinner. I’d really like to have this, would make the day even better!

  260. Dan-Man

    I am pretty sure i will be spending this chrismas with my family, chilling, relaxing, having a good time and also wishing our lord jesus christ a happy birthday.

  261. Pkmix

    Just gonna be staying home with my family.
    I already have ebf5 but would love to complete ebf4 again on steam this time.

  262. redhauser

    I’m planning on meeting my entire family and organizing a christmas evening together! We haven’t come together in a long time, and we’d all like to talk and meet each other! I’m really looking forward to it, should be fun. I also hope I’ll get to win this giveaway, I really wanted to gift ebf5 to my old good friend for quite some time, we’ve been friends for a really long time, and one of the very firsts things I shared with him was actually ebf3, almost 9 years ago.

  263. TNSN

    I’ll likely mostly chill, but I do have some events I might go to. I’ll always have my cat though

    (already have 5, so i’d like a bh2 key)

  264. Paolo

    This Christmas I will be spending time with my family after being at college for the past 4 months.

  265. Lisa

    On christmas i will be with my family , and of course with my cat and dogs! while on 31 dec i will be with my friends to celebrate and have fun!

  266. Wiedzmiarz

    Propably will spend Christmas time with friends and family like always
    Also Matt
    Thank you for creating my childhood
    I hope your games will be as important to kids from this generation as they were important to me when I was growing up
    You are an Epic Legend <3

  267. glob3080

    I already have all the games so far, but i figured i would say something.

    I love these games, and i’m really looking forward to the next one.

  268. Page

    I’m going to… play videogames, including EBF5/4 and BH2. I’ll also be listening to music, because I like music..

  269. Mason

    Hopefully I do not have to work my Job on Christmas and Christmas Eve! So I can be at home and spend time with Family & Friends.

  270. Eustace

    I will probably spend Christmas with my family. And I’ll try to finish EBF5 on Epic difficulty when I’ll get some time for myself. I already failed to defeat the final boss 9 times 🙁

  271. JiffChou

    Nice game, and happy Xmas~
    As a student, it’s important to prepare for the final during Chirstmas lol

  272. Cael Ammon

    I’m going to one Christmas with my dad’s family and another Christmas with my mom’s family. Both are going to have a great Christmas dinner. One nice thing we do at my dad’s Christmas is a Pollyanna, where one person gives a gift to someone and gets a gift from someone else. The person you give a gift to is figured out after we have our thanksgiving dinner, so we don’t have to buy presents for everyone in our huge family. Either way, I’ll be enjoying Christmas with my family as I usually do.

  273. Manny

    I’ll be running some Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition) for my sons & friends, who are playing through the a Forgotten Realms campaign. We’ll also play a few boardgames, probably Small World and Ticket to Ride but also maybe Defenders of the Realm and Middle-Earth Quest (one player get’s to play as Sauron the Invincible while the *hapless* other players are the adventurers who foolishly believe they can beat him !?!? MWAHAHAH*). In my downtime I’ll be playing some Epic Battle Fantasy 4 (on NG+) and really hoping I win a key so I can try out Epic Battle Fantasy 5 woot!!

    Many Happy Returns to you & yours this Christmas, and thanks for all the cool times in EBF4 🙂

    *Yes, I’ll be playing Sauron. Again.

  274. Jakub

    probably playing some table games with my family and enjoy time together
    i would like Epic battle fantasy 4 key

  275. Sergio

    I´ll be doing plenty of things. To start, next Saturday(not this one sadly) all my family and me will go to the north of Spain, and do sky, ice fishing(if possibly) and possibly many snowmen among other things, and of course enjoy the snowy mountains scene, for three days. After that we will pass another 3 days in a countryhouse my uncles reside in. We will make cocktails, popular dishes and also celebrate my Dad´s Birthday, which was born the day JUST BEFORE the last of the year. We will also pass the first day of 2022 there, opening the gifts and enjoying each other company. After that I will just have a good time with my friends once I´m back,a whole free week for me, and prepare for the job once everything is done.
    We will also a lot of desserts, which is one of the things I love of Christmas in my family.

  276. ComNguoi

    I’ll probably be spending time with my family, and having a nice christmas dinner with them. I have play EBF 3 4 and would like to have part 5 as well. Ease god let me win this. Thabk ylu so much Matt.

  277. Csaba

    I will help make foods and cookies with my mother, then going to my father’s place to eat at the 24th of December. After that I think we’ll be going home, playing some tabletop games and having a dinner.

  278. Jon

    I’ll be visiting family in New York this year, and hopefully getting all the achievements in EPF5 soon after!

  279. quakeman00

    Working on my own game and spending time with my friends, enjoying a good plate of chicken with potato and gravy

  280. Guy Gigu

    Studying for my Basmh exam, if I’ll pass I will join a computer science unit in the army.

  281. Nahuelain

    supongo que me pondre a horrar para algun juego nuevo y algun trabajillo extra en clases para suvir nota

  282. Tale Swapper

    I’m planning on heading south to my family’s place in Florida in a few days. It’s going to be a long trip, but it’ll be worth it!

  283. Cinful

    Well, I’m looking to spend Christmas with my family. Havent seen em In a while ever since I started working in another state!

  284. malvenor

    I’ve got a friend that can appreciate a great RPG. I’m sure she’ll love this, if I could get it. If not, then hey, I’ll probably buy it anyways. 🙂

  285. Al. Northman

    K, Matt! I was like ‘why do I need this giveaway when I already have whole EBF collection?’ at first, but yeah, then I realized that it’s a perfect chance to charm 1 of my friends with your games. So I’m in! If I win I’d like to get EBF4 then XD
    Merry XMas! I wish you GL and a billion strikes of inspiration next year ;P
    And as for me and my plans about XMas… Well, bc in my land we have a calendar of events which differs from widely accepted, then… There is a chance I’d work on the 25th even tho it’s a Saturday. But if looking from the other side, our team gonna finish our new snow groomer which’d help a lot of people to jump in on the holiday spirit so it’s OK ;P And we’d get our weekends a bit later 😉

  286. Bav

    This Christmas I’ll be catching up on my gaming, spending a little time with some loved ones, and thanking Satan for all the wonderful things he has blessed me with. I’d love to add playing EBF5 to that list.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays,

    1. xiaoqiu35

      Merry Christmas! I am a Chinese university student, this year is my first time to spend Christmas with my classmates. Epic5 brings me not only my own Chinese, but also the sparrow’s rpg, which I have played several times without boredom. I also want to recommend this game to my classmates so that he can also experience the adventure story with matt. If you don’t give it to key, I will also recommend it to the other three friends as a Christmas present.

  287. Anonymous

    I will spend this Christmas with my family, working on my thesis, and playing with my cat ^_^

  288. Kira

    I’m Russian so we don’t get the December Christmas, but we celebrate New Year with same passion, which probably i’m gonna spend with friends or family. As of Christmas, I’ll be on my night shift :\

  289. Moonglommery

    I’ll be spending my christmas with my family. As per tradition I’m gonna be baking some sweets for everyone on the morning of 24th. Quite possibly my friends will join me on discord at night to play games together as our little christmas eve. Much love to everyone and happy holidays!

  290. Jeremy

    Spend the day with my family, as per tradition. Also probably hang out with friends and play some games with the remaining time. Holidays are very exciting! 🙂

  291. Felix

    I’m a boring South American, my man. My christmas will be lunching with my dad, sending a prayer to mom and then spending the rest with my wife and our 3 cats.
    I’m going to cook us a bird, fruit rice, and some other goodies and then watch Disney xmas movies all night till we pass out from cider or wine. That sums it up.

    I prefer a Bullet Heaven 2 key as i’ve got all EBF’s already. Thank you and merry xmas, Matt.

  292. Louise

    Looking forward to spending time with my family, having a great relaxing time eating a wonderful Christmas lunch, watching awesome Christmas movies and playing with presents.

  293. Stenos

    I’ll be spending it with my girlfriend. Our dating birthday is on the 24th, so we usually like to spend it together. And obviously, eat, play games and all that good stuff.

  294. Tõnn

    I’ll be drawing, playing games and spending time with my family at my grandparents home, this year I decided to gift some drawings to my family ( •̀ ω •́ )✧.

  295. Mark

    I will spend this Christmas with my dad, brother, and grandparents. Probably will also play video games and finish watching breaking bad.

  296. Ismael Amador Rodríguez

    I will be spending christmas with all my family (around 20 people), I think it’s about time for a family reunition.
    PD: If I were to win the key I would like it’s for EBF4 since I already have EBF5.

  297. palsb14

    i might gonna play mission in snowdriftland bonus level and upload it on my channel.. also working on some new baba is you custom levelpack too! would love to have bullet heaven 2 though since i already has ebf 4 and 5 🙂

  298. PinkSheep32

    this christmas i will be with my best friend (J) we will be playing uno dark and drinking wine the game key (EBF5) will be for her also happy christmas to everyone whos reading this comment

  299. Shir20001

    Hey Kupo, been enjoying your games since EBF 1 on newgrounds and kongregate. Happy holidays!

    (Would like to get bullet heaven 2 key, My friend already owns EBF 4. :D)

  300. Beyaro

    Ah, but of course this holiday season will be spent digitally illustrating, like it always is for me! I do hope you have Merry Christmas. I found your projects very innovate and influential when I was younger. If you ever need additional illustrative efforts, feel free to reach out 🙂

  301. Diamond

    I think I will be spending my Christmas with my family.

    I already purchased EBF5 as soon as it launched so I would prefer EBF4 as I am a big fan of the series and I want all the games.

    Keep up the great work Matt!

  302. sammy capella

    probably just going to play games and eat food with family after getting christmas gifts

    bullet heaven 2 would be great to play and recieve

    1. LechintanTudor

      This holiday I’ll be catching up with some University courses and celebrate Christmas at our grandparents house 🙂

  303. Felix Bergmann

    I will probably just be at home wirh my family having some great food and relaxing. Since I am from a pretty christian family in Germany, we will go to church before celebrating.

  304. llmr

    I don’t know what I will do at Christmas, because I come from China, so I may finish a process of my own film that day. In addition, I hope my friends can also play EBF. A key can promote this process

  305. Trevor

    I’ll be going to my uncle’s and be forced to socialize with my family. I will do my best to enjoy myself.

  306. Denys Drapoi

    We’re gonna stay home but some friends with kids are gonna come over in the morning.

  307. James

    It’ll be a quiet Christmas for me this year as the new variant is going to be rampant in London, It’s not all bad though. I get some time to play some video games and relax before I have some of my university assignments due in early January.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Matt. Stay safe! 🙂

  308. assasinator

    Plans for christmas for me will likely be me and my mother just relaxing at home after how stressful the last few months have been

  309. Anubscorpiak

    I will spend some quality time with my family ~
    Finally getting to see my sister after my niece was born ~

  310. Best Bun

    I’m spending some quality time with my family since last year we had covid before christmas and it was just a mess. This christmas will hopefully be better than last year.
    if I win i would like EBF4 please.

  311. Someitoj

    I will be… studying… Mostly focusing on Databases and Server Frameworks during the time frame of Christmas. I’ll also be painting and renovating my room somewhere sometimes in between (I’ve been saying that for literally the entire semester, it’s just so busy). Honestly, the real vacation for me will start after the January examinations. Student life I guess.

  312. Mattily

    I will finally have some time to relax, spend time with my family, do christmas treats, and spend time with my friends. I’m really looking forward to it! :)))

  313. VolTorian

    In the days leading up to Christmas I’ll be working on a Minecraft animation for a community collab and maybe playing some games I got during a sale at the beginning of the month (Robot Wants it All and Ori and the ____ games). Animating is hard! I have no idea what I’m going to be doing on Christmas day. My parents usually plan a family trip and this time I have no idea what we’re doing or where we’re going. I don’t ask because I don’t generally like travelling. I’d much rather stay home and play video games with friends but I guess I can tolerate a family trip once or twice a year lmao.

    I already have EBF5, but I’ve got some friends who are interested so if I win I’ll just give it to one of them.

  314. Saphira

    This Christmas I would be at my laboratory, sadly.
    There is a project essential for my graduation and I am still working on it.

  315. Alexander

    I’ll be celebrating this christmas with family and friends! Here’s to another year, that will hopefully be less stressful! 😀 Already got both my closest friends to play AND THEN buy EBF 5, so I’d like to get an EBF 4 key if possible.

  316. Maxim Munteanu

    I’m from the Ukraine, and we usually spend Christmas with my family. So I will not break tradition and will celebrate the holiday with my relatives, and then I will play games all evening. I would like to get EBF5 as a present)

  317. Nikmyth

    Seasonal blessings to you good folks !
    I’ll most likely be spending Christmas with my family at a ski-lodge. We’re gonna rent out a cabin, drink lots of hot cocoa and probably binge-watch all those classic childhood Christmas movies I grew up with.
    If someone’s spending Christmas alone, remember that the EBF community is there with you from the mutual joy of the game !

  318. rakrs

    Probally I will working this Christmas and spending some evening with family. This end of the year will be very busy and I hope I can spend enough time with my family.

  319. Plutysy

    I will be spending time with my family as I always do. After that, I will most likely play games.
    If I somehow win, I would like to receive EBF4.

  320. Elia Jun

    I will be playing games with my brothers and friends, such as Terraria, League of Legends and such. However, if I am lucky, I will be playing EBF5, seeing who can finish the game the fastest; saving me 30$ on a Christmas gift ;P

  321. Dan

    This Christmas I find myself abroad in a new country, far away from my family and friends. Though while I will be ‘working’ over Christmas my job involves spreading good cheer to many isolated people and families this Christmas (Covid). In all honesty it is very fulfilling and a great privilege.

  322. Nikita

    This will be truly a disaster in my life more than some kind of happy holiday. Very hard year, left almost alone to live in this world, because deaths everywhere. No money, no fun, no love for me this Christmas and New Year, so I will be just sitting at home, maybe rewatching some good old movies, and, probably, just living through without any bright celebrations.

  323. Pipireu

    I had a lot of fun playing Epic Battle Fantasy 5. I was happy to play a game in Korean for the first time in the series, and although I am not good at English, I wanted to enjoy other series on Christmas. The game really suited my taste and it was fun.
    I don’t have any big plans for Christmas, but I’m planning to spend it with my family.
    I’m sorry if the meaning is different by writing a comment using a translator.

  324. Medicine Melancholy

    Watching anime, playing games, eating delicious food.
    If the victory is mine, I would choose Bullet Heaven 2!

  325. Azreal DuCain

    I’ll be spending Christmas cooking and baking with my family. We’ll also be having the neighbors over to play cards and board games since we’re all fully vaccinated.

    Could you please send me a key for EBF4 instead if I win?

  326. ChanSelig

    I’ll be spending time with the family as I won’t really be going out all that much with the ongoing pandemic.

  327. Angelo

    Gonna spend time with the family. Good vibes with good people, that’s what it’s all about 🙂

  328. strawberrica

    I don’t actually celebrate christmas, as I’m a muslim. I will, however, be singing in a choir for a small gathering in my school on the 26th so christmas day would probably be spent for rehearsals

  329. James Neggie

    Hi Matt, I’m going to be chilling at home and trying to beat ebf5 hell mode and celebrating with my family. I wanted to introduce my friend to ebf5 over the break, I showed him the soundtrack and he really vibed with it, so yeah!

  330. ExampleName

    Hey Matt, I love your games! I’m gonna be spending time with friends, family and those I love for Christmas. Now I already own the game, but I wanna introduce one of my friends to the series. So send me any of the keys you’re offering, I don’t mind whichever one you send. But whether I win the giveaway or not, you’re still a fantastic developer. Keep being awesome!

  331. Zaid

    Hi Matt, I’ll spend this Christmas with my family seeing my brother for the first time in a while and enjoying our time together as a family, maybe playing on my sister’s switch. Also doing some boring reading I have to do for uni. Happy holidays

  332. Jamie

    I plan to watch Christmas movies while preparing a chicken casserole for a dinner I’ll be attending. And if I win one of the giveaway codes, I’ll gift it to my brother so he can try out EBF5. :3

  333. Brandon

    This year for Christmas my father invited us over for a ‘pizzafest’ (his words) at his place. Sounds fun, right? First year I can afford presents for all my folks and pals too, but a key would make it a little easier on the wallet lol

  334. Mezwick

    It’s summer down here in New Zealand ; too warm really for the big Christmas dinner, but we eat it anyway; end up feeling like the party when they ate the slimes in the forest in EBF3.

  335. Leon G.

    I will be spending Christmas with my family, nothing unusual for most people I hope, though in my case it’s a bit unusual because we don’t get snow here

  336. Tearien

    This month I covered another person at work on another shift. So I didn’t get to spend time with the wife and my toddlers. I’m going to make up for it. Also take a couple me days to decompress and play a couple games.

  337. Linh

    Finish my assignments, perhaps throw a party with my family and friends (or maybe not because pandemic), EBF5 rush with my cousin and definitely playing games all night with my friends on discord. Its been 2 weeks since my last touch on any game, so many tests and assignment @_@ I already own EBF5 so I’d like to receive EBF4 key if I won <3

  338. Manthis J Murguia

    I will spend this Christmas with my partner and her family in a family party for the first time.

  339. Angel G.

    Hello, I will celebrate this Christmas with my family, like every year haha​​…
    I already have all three games purchased, but I am interested in getting the EBF 5 for a good friend of mine

  340. Teddy

    My friends and I who didn’t get to do a Halloween party are combining the two by watching Nightmare Before Christmas in our unused Halloween costumes!

  341. Norman

    Ok so you know that scene in the santa clause where the dad takes his son for Chinese on Christmas when he burnt the turkey? Well it’s like that with me and my dad except I’m 21 and we already did presents last week.

  342. Reo

    I’ll be celebrating Christmas with a big videogame party, mostly because of the Pandemic. Will spend a lot of time Jackboxing, but will be happy to share the fun of EBF5 for my other pals!

  343. Rane

    I’ll probably be spending time with my family, and having a nice christmas dinner with them. Nothing more, nothing less (:

    Also i would probably want Bullet Heaven 2, since i already own EBF 4 and 5 on steam (;

  344. Joe

    HI Matt i am from Malaysia and we dont have winter here but we do celebrate Christmas is kinda weird but i will surely be playing ebf5 i still have many medals that are not unlock anyway i hope i get the key <3

  345. MasterClash12983

    I’ll be staying home but heading to the Big Island after Christmas day! Thanks for all the work you guys put into this game!

  346. Day

    This Christmas, i’ll of course be spending time with my family, but also with my long distance relationship partner all the way in Canada. And i’m Brazilian! We love to screenshare on Discord, even watching each other play games, and i’d love to introduce him to the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It’s been a childhood favorite of mine for a long time (RIP Flash), and I think he’d have a blast playing it. That would be a really fun Christmas!

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and thank you KupoGames for making such great underrated gems.

  347. Antonio Velazquez

    Probably nothin’ much, working, playing games on my free time, hanging out with some pals, the good ole’ stuff.
    Also, studying a little bit.

  348. Erin

    I’ll be with my relatives in Costa Rica for Christmas, which means I’ll get to spend more time with my grandma 😀

  349. somepersonmynameisprivate

    Playing with my grandma cat and giving him some a christmas hat it looks cute
    playing some web games , play minecraft .not that much stuff
    i like ebf cause from design art and more likely the cat

    Im looking more about EBF collection games as they are different with other games that i have played

  350. DarkNightCrow

    As a player from China, though Christmas isn’t a tradition in our country, but I still decide to send gifts to the ones I love.
    What 2022 will be, I’m looking forward to it.

  351. AegisXIII

    Well for this Christmas, I’ll just be spending time with my friends and maybe my extended family if they do anything. Classic Christmas things I suppose

  352. MoonMoon

    Pretty much just rest up and get some sleep.
    Spend holidays with family, chat with friends online or play games.