EBF4: Fanart Gallery Update

Hey guys, I’m updating the fan-art gallery in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, because there’s a lot of broken links in there.

I’m including the full images now, instead of just thumbnails. I’m also adding a few new fan arts, and removing some that are less relevant or have been featured in other games.

If you know of any EBF4-themed art that has not already been featured in the Steam versions of EBF3 or EBF5, please let me know (send me a link to it), and I’ll consider adding it.

Here’s some really cool fanart of the Praetorian Mk2 by Cartoon Spider that I just found today, even though it was made a few years ago:

One thought on “EBF4: Fanart Gallery Update

  1. jpx0999

    i aways thinked of the praetorian more like some kind of biological machine using super strong biomass instead of normal metal,since it´s looked a lot more like a animal whit a armor than a robot


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