EBF4: Cheats and Challenges

Hey guys, I thought I was done with EBF4 additions, but here’s another one. I’ve added the Cheats and Challenges menu from EBF5, including all of the options that were quick to implement, and skipping the ones that would have required a lot of testing. A lot of the changes to EBF4 will make the game slightly easier in subtle ways, so now you’ve got the option to customize the difficulty as you see fit. You can also rush through the game even faster than ever, if you want those Newgame+ achievements in a hurry.

Anyway, out of all of these options, More Foe Resistance is the most interesting one, as many bosses will have different weaknesses and will require different setups.

8 thoughts on “EBF4: Cheats and Challenges

  1. Kayla

    I just about finished my solo Natalie run, in the final dungeon, went through the bonus dungeon. Might just have to do another one with challenges!

  2. Anonymous

    This is very cool. Will there be stars added to each medal if you beat the boss on Epic with all challenges and no cheats on like in EBF5?

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Sorry, it’s a lot of work to add new languages to EBF4, as it does not support them as well as EBF5 does.
      I think there is an unofficial Chinese version of EBF4 on the internet though.


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