EBF5: Version 2 Progress Report!

Hey guys, the big “Version 2” update for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is about 50% done!
That sounds like it’s taking a long time, but I’ve not been working on it full-time until recently, so it should progress quite quickly from now on. Here’s a progress report of what’s already confirmed for the update…

52 “new” foes, with 24 of them being bosses or mini-bosses. I say “new” because about half of them are returning from previous EBF games. All of them will be catch-able.

31 new achievements. They’re of similar difficulty to what’s already in the game – nothing crazy is being added, and you won’t have to start from the beginning if you don’t want to.

16 new Flair equips, many of which have completely new types of effects. There’s also a lot of references to popular browser games in there.

14 new skills, including 2 limit breaks. Like other skills, these will be learned from NPCs and can be used by different players.

50 monster cards to collect. These are a new type of one-of-a-kind item that give you small perks, and are found in hard-to-reach treasure chests.

A new biome, 3 new dungeons, and a bunch of secret areas. These areas are quite small, but they’ve got some unique battle gimmicks. For example, in the Battle Arena, you can only use one player in battle. Most of the new battles will be unique and challenging, with very few of them being “filler” battles.

A “Cheats and Challenges” menu, which adds 30 options for customizing the game difficulty. You can mess around with overpowered players, make the foes unbeatable, or come up with some mix of the two. These can be changed at any time.

A “Custom Quest” menu, which will allow you to start a new game with some major changes. Some options include: Randomized equipment locations, alternative weather, and alternative foes in filler battles.

Of course I’ll also be making some balancing and quality-of-life changes. But I haven’t started on those yet, and I’m not making any promises about those yet.

Old saved games will be completely compatible with the updated version, but I recommend playing from the beginning for the best experience. A lot of the new stuff will be hidden earlier on in the game, and the Cheats, Challenges and Custom Quest settings will make a second playthrough much more interesting.

Steam users who own EBF5 will be able to opt-in to the Version 2 beta when it is around 90% complete, and my Patreon supporters will have access to it a bit earlier. If you want more information and previews, you can browse the posts on my website, but they contain a lot of spoilers!

If you’ve enjoyed EBF5 so far, please leave a Steam review – and if you didn’t, please let me know, so that maybe I can fix it in the update.

And finally, I’ll be raising the price of the game to $20 once the update is released.

That is all.

35 thoughts on “EBF5: Version 2 Progress Report!

  1. Andru Randle

    Please consider adding a random enemies option. It would provide very exciting replayability.

  2. Jon Burg

    Happy to pay for a well developed game such as EBF5 but not so eager to use Steam. Any way to buy it directly from the developer or through a DRM-free site such as gog.com? :yay:

    1. Omega Sentinel

      You probably should go to the discord to explain all of that, guessing you are getting things confused about steam, EBF5 and DRM.

    2. Matt Roszak Post author

      You can throw $15 at me on my Patreon, send me a message, and I can email you the files.
      The Steam version is DRM-free though. Once you download it, you don’t need Steam to run it.

  3. drowsyCoffee

    Noice, i have played multiple times EBF5 and i was searching another reason to start again. I wonder what wacky strats one could use on the Battle Arena. Maybe Tank Natt with the Kalandra and some other defensive things will be finally viable lol.

  4. Adam Moser

    I would really enjoy a cheat/challenge that forces a single player in combat throughout the whole story. Might not be easy to code so I understand if it’s nopeville, but my classic approach to EBF is to have every character but one die in each battle so I can, for example, do a Natz only run.

    In a world where making new features was free, a newGameX option which locks difficulty to ~150% and gives you your chosen character at the start for the full game, forcing the other characters to never appear in team/menus/backup, would fit my exact playstyle.

    1. Omega Sentinel

      Already a thing. One of the challenges allows for dead players to not be revived after battle, useful for a solo run. Check Discord for more info.

  5. Sadaf

    So will I miss out some stuff if I don’t start a new game or I can just backtrack get new secret?

  6. Cole Shrader



    legit tho, this is cool AF and I can’t wait to see what you come up with

  7. Po.Opbear

    Glorious, I love your games, thanks for all the new content. Guess whose game I will buy? :3 😀 <3

  8. SORA

    Nice improvements. I have a question? there’s forum/discussions about specifically and particular clothes’ build for the characters? I searched them, never found XD.

  9. D_P

    I bought EBF5 on Steam. Since you mentioned raising the price to $20, do I need to pay additional to get Version 2 of EBF5? Thank you.

    1. Omega Sentinel

      I am pretty sure that is NOT a thing on steam. So don’t worry about it if you have the game on Steam already.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      None of it.

      I’m not even sure if the version I have on this website will be on Kongregate. Flash is such a pain to enable in browsers these days, that I don’t even know if it’s worth releasing that way.
      I’ll think about it once version 2 is done, but the new versions of Chrome and Firefox are not helping things.

  10. Megaboom

    so quick question for simplification so the deluxe version will have version 2.0 real soon while the free version may have to wait awhile. like deluxe 2.0 is 90% done while free version is 51% sorry for dumb question just a bit confused :wut:

    1. Omega Sentinel

      You comment is very confusing. But:
      -Deluxe will NOT have V2 real soon.
      -Nothing points out to Free version having to wait more compared to Deluxe for V2.
      -V2 progress is the same for deluxe AND free
      -V2 content is for deluxe. Free version will get bug fixes (with NOTHING confirmed about it getting any new content).

      1. Megaboom

        oh sorry i got the info wrong i’m not the best getting update info right i always misunderstand everything 😥 sorry for the bad comment

  11. Dewayne Thomas

    Some thoughts on extra battle options:

    1. Players can’t be changed after battle begins. There are enemies that can still pull your other characters into battle. This is generally how I play anyway because I’m too lazy to do everyone’s equipment for each boss and whatnot 😀
    2. I can’t remember if this is already incorporated into the game but make it so buffs and debuffs are never reduced each round.
    3. Swap equipment mid battle without spending a turn doing so, this might also be incorporated, my memory is horrible 😀
    4. Option to color code summon pictures to easily differentiate them from one another. Red for damage, purple for debuff, light blue for team buff, or maybe various colors depending on elements. I don’t use many summons, maybe even a way to star them or something so you can find useful ones quickly. Again, my crappy memory. I appreciate the search function for them but there are a ton of useless summons that are a pain to look through.
    5. I’ll probably think of more once the update drops and I get back into it. I promised myself I would wait for the update so I don’t get burnt out on it because it’s such a long game. Is there an item late in the game that helps you find treasures? Maybe something that can show on the map where you haven’t gotten all chests or something.

  12. JPx0999

    kupo I’m very much a fan of yours, I would like to see it later on ebf5 V3.0 (although I think V2.0 is the last one) or even a little likely ebf6
    me and several players will enjoy a multiplayer mode, being a mode where you can fight with another player, even if it is on the same pc, another where 2,3 or even several players compete to see who zeroes first, or even a mode where one player can choose monsters to play and the other with players, this can be interesting
    I know you already in planned things and probably will not change what you are already doing …
    but this may be a good suggestion for a future update or game.

    1. Dewayne Thomas

      I’d like to see something like this, where you can play the game like an MMO and each person gets a character slot on the team. Even more slots for raids and stuff. I think the game would have to be changed to active time battle system like Chrono Trigger, where you can take a turn once your bar is filled and the battle would be more fluid even doing chain attacks and stuff. Think this would have to be an entirely different game though and not an add on. Than with the money this brings in Kupo can take over the world 😀

  13. Jman37X

    I can’t believe just how much new content is coming in 2.0, you’re really going above and beyond here! Quick question, are we allowed to stream/record the Patreon early beta?

      1. Gliga Alin

        Matt,when you finish the game,that new dungeons is like in beta(like you need to buy the game)?
        I don’t want that,because i can play just Public Beta and i want to buy the game but i have almost 18 years and my parents doesn’t let me to buy the game(i think you know that),anyway…..please,about all new content don’t make like beta to purchase it,okay?
        Like i said…I want to play Epic Battle Fantasy 5 version 2.0 like Public Beta,okay? :yay:


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