EBF5: Monster Cards

So it turns out that I’m cursed, and I can’t do any creative stuff for fun anymore.
I’m turning my Fakemon art into collectable cards in EBF5. They’ll give small permanent perks, like Steroids do, but should be more fun to collect.

This also means that I should stop spoiling all the art, and I’ll keep the rest of the Fakemon a secret.
monster cards

13 thoughts on “EBF5: Monster Cards

  1. alproy

    hey matt, ive got an idea for nolegs new attack, its kitten fort and it act prtty much like how it acted in 4,
    its goes like this: no legs flee animation trigger and then the other front party, then the kitten fort move in with nolegs on it, it do its horn thing and give moral to all party, and then rush to the foes and deals a bit more then its all-attack hit

    have 5/6/7/8 terns cooldown

    1. TCSA

      So when you upgrade it it gets more cooldown? Seems counterproductive.

      Also, we already have Stumpy Gloop for group morale and Lost Fallen/Death Metal for group morale and damage. That’s already more than we need. No reason for Matt to recycle a skill that fills no niche.

      1. Az0rius G4m3r

        Alproy probably means that it would have between 5-8 (or maybe 10) cooldown turns, though NoLegs already has more than enough 10-turn-cooldown skills IMO. If Matt were to recycle that, he could possibly give it some stat buffs on top of Morale (though I wouldn’t know which ones)?

  2. Sticks

    This is gonna be a fun way for more collectibles, love how you even gave them little descriptions too.

  3. Remus Lupine

    “They’ll give small permanent perks, like Steroids do, but should be more fun to collect.” I sure hope they’re more fun to collect, because collecting steroids from shops wasn’t very entertaining :tongue:

    1. CoffeeUser

      I think you can get around 19 of each steroids from random chests or secrets around the world. While realistically you can only get like 8 of each from shops without grinding and these cost 5M already. So from the environment should be your main source of steroids instead. If you have more steroids from the shop than anywhere else then you’ve got some exploration to do.

      1. Rein

        You can also grind them from enemies, I’ve actually gotten quite a few in my most recent playthrough from casual encounters with the fish, enough to where I notice em in the item bubbles several times

        1. CoffeeUser

          “Quite a few” is somewhat insignificant compared to “19 of each” but okay.

          None of the fish enemies (assuming you mean the ones that fire missiles on death) even drop steroids.

  4. Will

    NOICE! Maybe an deck system would do? They can drop regularly and frequently but only those in your deck have any effect? That way you can fuse cards together to empower them! That’ll also make it easier to balance if that concern crops up.


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