2 thoughts on “Fanart: Cuties

  1. Random guy passing by

    Sooo… i was wondering… what about including some sort of “boss maker” on v2? Like, let anyone do the thing, draw everything, add those files on da game, and BAM u got ur personal sprite. Then that dude would create the weakness and resistance, stats, attacks, all custom sprites and stuff, and when da boss is ready, tthe creator could, somehow, upload it on something like the Mario Maker net, so anyone can play
    Probably it wont be ready ’till v2, but i have some ideas on my mind, like figth anime characters and perhaps even other games characters… (i can see… megaman… then… mario… it will be the Super Epic Smash Battale Bros Fantasy Ultimate) #SESBBFU5 #custombosses :hurray:

    1. Matt Roszak

      Some of the guys on the EBF Discord are decompiling the game and modifying foes. Maybe you should check out the Discord and talk to LightningLaser about it.


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