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  1. Flashlight237

    I’m gonna see if I can guess what these items do.

    1. Coins: Provides “Good Luck” status for 2 turns.
    2. Pamphlet: Quest Item
    3. Dynamite: Deals more bomb damage than hand bombs.
    4. Koi (I think): Quest Item

    1. ChildishPerspective

      I believe the pamphlets are actually red envelopes, usually containing money and given to kids on Chinese New Year. I bet the dynamite is more likely to be fire works. Also, wonder if “items” could also include flairs, because the koi seems like a good candidate.

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      Eventually, but I’m not in a hurry to put it there. I’ll try to update the version on this site soon-ish.

  2. Nick

    Writing to ask if a DRM free version is planned (like the Humble Bundle EPF4 version). I’m a fan of your work, but not of Steam…

  3. Minger

    Not gonna lie I thought the 10 million achievement would be harder, but i got 15 mill at lv 36. :yay:

    1. TyloThorn

      How? :stars:
      I didn’t manage a million thus far. I have put some thought into it, like buffing attack, and debuffing defense of a low defense foe, and then hitting it really hard. But does lowering the difficulty for example help, too?

      1. CoffeeUser

        Basically you have to find every possible source of damage modifier and use them to their full extent. Which includes:

        Enemy weakness (Either 1.5x or 1.8x usually)
        Neutral/damage amplifying statuses (1.5x)
        Armor/weapon attack bonus (Combined it’s 1.6x)
        Critical hits (1.5x/2x/2.5x) (Good luck/bad luck/stagger helps in this regard.)
        Invisible/enchant (2x)
        Offensive buff (up to 2x)
        Defensive debuff (up to 5x)

        Applying all of them at once would often require multiple turns or haste. Some specific gear would be required for maximum buffs/debuffs. Maximum debuff is highly recommended since it’s the best modifier and losing even a bit of it can hurt a lot. (80% debuff is 5x damage, while 75% is 4x.)

        Difficulty has nothing to do with how much damage you can deal. So I guess it won’t help. (But it can stop slime bunnies from cleansing each other. That’s about the only benefit.)

        1. CoffeeUser

          What the hell. I missed one of the most important modifier.

          Freeze (2x)

          Not like it matters. There are so many modifiers you can use that you can get it as soon as you get Black Hole even if you miss a few of those.

          1. TyloThorn

            I knew it was gonna be complicated, but this is ridiculous, haha! Thanks for counting all that up. :hurray:

      2. Minger

        Go to the top right corner screen and fight the slime bunnies.(the have 10 million hp so you dont have to worry a bout doing to much damage to them basically)
        Stack weaken, magic defence down, stagger, freeze, invisible and hit with the black hole.
        Give Natalie as much magic damage and dark skill boost as you can.
        Also you can use the viking monolith summon for haste(you pretty much have to if you want to stack all those effects.)

      3. Minger

        Go fight the slime bunny punching bags.
        Give Natalie all the magic attack and dark skill boost you can(because black hole :smirk: ).
        Stack weaken, stagger, freeze(this is the order of the effects that come with damage), invisible, magic def down and obviously buff Natalie too.
        I got 67 mill with this(lv 36)

          1. Minger

            The slime bunnies that I’m talking about have 10 million hp.
            They are in the top right corner screen and are literally called punching bags.
            You get them after completing the mission for the NPC there.

          2. TyloThorn

            Woah, ok I managed without those, but that still sounds cool, let’s see how much damage we can dish out maximum huehue :stars:

  4. Shraderc.inc

    So is chinese new year quests going to be different then christmas? or more of the same. I get that time is off the essence and i think you should go with what you know, but releasing a small like 2-4 room area with each season would be- you know, i thought of this and its way to much work. the thematic stuff is fun so keep doing that

    keep up the good work! :yay:

  5. alproy

    everything WORNG with EBF5:
    1) the final boss is lame and it dont have good music
    2) newgame+ STILL not work (including medals on newgame+!)
    3) here the list of all musics that i noticed being reused (wich T R I G G E R me):
    port harbor = we dreamed the booty
    menu theme/ending theme = rainbows and unicorns
    true final boss theme = organ jaws (lance theme EBF2)
    (part of) the retern of the snow queen = crystalis fantasia
    EBF5 (or that error) = under my skin
    warp zone= estavius
    that music that was in the battle demo/this game = traverse the woods
    4) no dungeon music (neither spicle boss them like in 4 or spicle dungeon music) and… there arent too much musics in the battles (there are only 4 not include the 2 in the temple of triels)
    so basicly… im mad at you that you just used same musics from previus games for no reason
    and i want to ask… WHY :wut: 😡 ❓

    1. CoffeeUser

      1. Final boss is not lame. You are lame. Unless you can provide a viewpoint on how it could be considered worse than the final bosses before. And once again, music is subjective.

      2. At the current state of ng+ getting epic medals would be too easy. That’s why there’s no such option.

      3. Is this a joke? Are you seriously considering them the same song just because part of them are similar?

      You did not even recognize all songs containing a remix. That says a lot about how valid your argument is. As long as you are not familiar with the original song. You won’t even recognize it’s a remix. Now, who cares if it’s a remix if it’s the first time you hear any version of that song?

      4. If you are seriously using numbers of combat songs as an argument, let me accurately count it for you.

      EBF3 had 5 (Wings, You’ll Never Guess This!, Heroes March (Extended), Acruta Lao D’nor, DiVINe MaDNEss)
      EBF4 had 10 (Van al Tag (Extended), Elfin, Rage of the Abandoned, A Bleeding Fight, Into Combat, Fallen Blood, Van al Tag, Jump Into Battle, Under My Skin, TPF Trans)
      EBF5 had 13 (Nymphis Fae, Those of Us Who Blossom!, Blade & Switch, Return of the Snow Queen, Voices of Feelings, M3CHANICAL C0N-D4MNATION, Fight the Movement!, No\x1B, du5k M3lgb VkgN Wsxbg, Blaze of Iris, As the Shadow, A Breeze from Home (Vocal version), Petals of the Blade)

      OMG you are right. Matt, get working. Clearly EBF5 had a glaring lack of battle musics as told by the numbers.

      Also, who cares about dungeons not having their unique theme. It’s just going to be a remix of something like you said. How is that making it any better?

      1. Alexandrite

        Even though that guy definitely could have worded their thoughts better, it still doesn’t hurt anybody so there was no reason to be so rude about it. Please relax.

        1. CoffeeUser

          I’d be calm. If this person didn’t spam something like this on every post that Matt has ever made.

          Plus I don’t think I sounded rude here. You can point out the parts that you think sounded rude and I’ll try not to do that next time. Or explain to you why it’s not “rude.”

          1. TyloThorn

            Why not side with the truth? CoffeeUser just pointed out the obviously very faulty criticism. It’s not hard to differentiate between actual criticism and blind hating or simple trolling. Calling his very explanatory and lengthy answer rude is pretty rude, considering he went through all the trouble explaining things to someone who probably knows better himself, and just wanted to complain.

            The only thing I really hated about the game is the fight where “A Breeze from Home (Vocal version)” is used… and not for gameplay reasons but for a very different one… not gonna spoiler that, but i was a bit surprised, quite disappointed and actually pretty offended by it… simply because its dialogue was really unnecessary. And here i stand loving everything about all of Matt’s games, considering myself one of his biggest fans… but there is such a thing as “taking things too far” really. I escaped and now try to build up enough indifference to beat it… the more i like something the more it hurts when there something within that ruins it quite a bit. Few may share my feelings on that matter, but i hope it’s still understandable that I didn’t find that funny. :bleh:

          2. CoffeeUser

            Which part of the dialogue? I’m really curious how a line of text could make you feel such intense negative emotion. Could you screenshot that part in question so I can understand how you are feeling this way? (With imgur or whatever means you have to share an image.)

          3. TyloThorn

            Okay Spoilerwarning everyone turn back now if you haven’t finished the temple of trials yet!!!!

            Nah, it wasn’t just one part of the conversation but the whole role that special boss played, if you catch my drift. How that cat introduced itself and such. I didn’t like it. It just felt really wrong… even though the rest of the fight turned out to be mostly okay, beat him by now. I already found Godcat a tad unnecessary, but at least it was just some deity, like Zeus or whatnot. Same with Akron. If they have their own names I’m good. But this one was different. You see, I am ok with “a” God of fiction. But it didn’t say “a” god. It said i am god. And that is where on my opinion things have gone too far. Whether you’re religious or not, whether you think there is a god or not, it’s too much, you shouldn’t joke about that. I found that “spiritual experience joke” from Matt somewhat funny, but still I think it went too far. I mean he could have made a black cat and call it “Nigga Cat”. Some might find that funny, but I wouldn’t, you know?
            And everyone who says “That isn’t the same!”: Isn’t it? Is it not? Either way offensive toward a select group of people. Now I know Matt certainly didn’t try to offend anyone here, but that is exactly why I point it out, because if it isn’t pointed out, there will be no such thing as “too far” anymore. And that is what I fear most. A world where everything is reduced to being funny. Humor is a great thing, but it needs to stop somewhere. Thanks for reading & considering. :smirk:

          4. CoffeeUser

            Well, well. Can’t say I can see where you are coming from. Actually I’m quite puzzled by this.

            “God” is a very common English word. You can’t expect it to be always used in a certain way. Matt can’t manage to cover every possible interpretations when writing. It wouldn’t be realistic to rewrite something because it might be interpreted in a bad way. Especially something that specific. It’s like forbidding the use of colors since it can be interpreted as racist.

            Secondly. You seem to take this scene as a joke. Think about it for a moment. When a game with mostly instrumental soundtracks suddenly uses a song with vocals. What could that mean? I’m going to be blunt and say that this means the end of the series. This fight is the parting gift. See the status you get from the fight. “Epic.” Another word for fight is “Battle” This is also a spiritual experience for the players that’s not actually happening in the in game world. One could say that it’s a “Fantasy.” You control “5” players. This fight is literally “Epic Battle Fantasy 5.” I’m not sure if this is what the developer had in mind. But even if it’s not planned it’s still an amazing coincidence. Not to mention the dialogue and overall theme. If the series does end here. It would be the perfect ending. Is this all just a joke to you?

            Bad interpretation is as bad as bad intention. If you chose to take something negatively, even it wasn’t meant to be negative. Then it is negative. Then everything is negative. Matt could have written it differently and if you try hard enough you can still find a negative way to read it. You can still view it as “taking it too far.”

            I’ll probably see your reply if you do. But I won’t reply back. Since I can see this potentially going on forever. If you don’t agree with me then so be it. I don’t get why people can get unironically offended by something that’s not offensive to begin with anyway.

          5. TyloThorn

            Not a fan of endless conversations, so don’t worry.
            To me there is only one God. And if you don’t agree with my problem of something calling itself “GOD”, that matters not, you don’t need to agree with something to comprehend it. Comprehension is all i asked for.

        2. Aldi

          CoffeeUser is right. I saw that complain on Matt’s other posts. I’m not siding with anybody but every person has different taste, right? Some people like it and others don’t. But if somebody wants to complain about the music or something that doesn’t have anything to do with bugs or anything that interfere within he game’s performance, why don’t send a mail to Matt directly?

    2. Aldi

      Just reminds you, if you got T R I G G E R E D, a certain part from No Man’s Land bgm is inspired of Crystalis Fantasia too. If you don’t want a remix, why don’t you make another music for Matt instead? Sounds easy, right? You don’t have to write long complains about music like that. :yay:

    3. Joseph Howard

      The game is very special already, and Matt Roszak is still updating it. There won’t be a EBF6, so he may have included music from previous entries to represent the series as a whole in EBF5. There is still a lot of new music in this game, and he shouldn’t have to take it out and make things harder on himself when it is already published. I thought the final boss was very cool, since each builds on the last final boss in this more open trilogy. As others have already explained, the medals are supposed to be a fair challenge, so being able to get some of them on NewGame+ when you are level 30+ would be too cheap and easy. Don’t let a few things ruin the game for you.

  6. weaponized battle toaster

    are these gong to be for an event similar to the christmas npc in the warp cat area


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