Russian Team & New Chinese Quest

Hey guys, here’s some special fanart.
It’s the Russian translation team drawn as the EBF characters, made by their friend, LemonHeart.

Besides fanart, I don’t have much to post. I plan to update EBF5 sometime this month, with minor bug and translation fixes, and a new holiday quest for the Chinese New Year! If you’re Chinese I’d like to hear from you, as I don’t know much about your culture – but there’s a lot of you playing EBF5 on Steam! The plan is to add firecrackers, paper lanterns, and some sort of lucky charm to the game.

9 thoughts on “Russian Team & New Chinese Quest

  1. Eilang Whites

    Hey Matt,

    Chinese here, today is also the year of pork. One more theme you can add to your list is something piggy. Be warned though that each year, the cherished animal changes.

  2. Joseph Howard

    Nice! Too bad Anna wasn’t part of this art, but there were still all Russian 3 translators honored here.

  3. alproy

    everything WORNG with EBF5:
    1) the final boss is lame and it dont have good music
    2) newgame+ STILL not work (including medals on newgame+!)
    3) here the list of all musics that i noticed being reused (wich T R I G G E R me):
    port harbor = we dreamed the booty
    menu theme/ending theme = rainbows and unicorns
    true final boss theme = organ jaws (lance theme EBF2)
    (part of) the retern of the snow queen = crystalis fantasia
    EBF5 (or that error) = under my skin
    warp zone= estavius
    that music that was in the battle demo/this game = traverse the woods
    4) no dungeon music (neither spicle boss them like in 4 or spicle dungeon music) and… there arent too much musics in the battles (there are only 4 not include the 2 in the temple of triels)
    so basicly… im mad at you that you just used same musics from previus games for no reason
    and i want to ask… WHY ❓ :wut: 😡

    1. Opinionated User

      1) It was unorthodox, yes, and the music was different from other final bosses. Not much of a reason to hate on it, though.
      2) I haven’t played newgame+ so I wouldn’t know what you’re speaking about
      3) That IS NOT MUSIC BEING REUSED! They’re called letimoifs, snippets of music put in other soundtracks for the feature of nostalgia, being an easter egg, etc. The closest it gets to being reused is the Organ Jaws in the final boss’ music.
      4) I haven’t bought the versions, so again, I wouldn’t know this.

      1. CoffeeUser

        I’ll help you cover 4.

        4. If you are seriously using numbers of combat songs as an argument, let me accurately count it for you.

        EBF3 had 5 (Wings, You’ll Never Guess This!, Heroes March (Extended), Acruta Lao D’nor, DiVINe MaDNEss)
        EBF4 had 10 (Van al Tag (Extended), Elfin, Rage of the Abandoned, A Bleeding Fight, Into Combat, Fallen Blood, Van al Tag, Jump Into Battle, Under My Skin, TPF Trans)
        EBF5 had 13 (Nymphis Fae, Those of Us Who Blossom!, Blade & Switch, Return of the Snow Queen, Voices of Feelings, M3CHANICAL C0N-D4MNATION, Fight the Movement!, No\x1B, du5k M3lgb VkgN Wsxbg, Blaze of Iris, As the Shadow, A Breeze from Home (Vocal version), Petals of the Blade)

        OMG you are right. Matt, get working. Clearly EBF5 had a glaring lack of battle musics as told by the numbers.

        1. MedChew

          And honestly, a certain AAA series of RPGs worked on by hundreds of people have been using one battle theme for 90 percent of battles for most of its iterations. And they use the same victory fanfares, same main theme with mild remixing. And yet, no one ever pans them for their music. Matt and phyrnna are just two persons, give them a break. I find their use of leitmotifs on point – gives the game an identity, and the remixes are good.

          Having said that, I do find EBF 5 music slightly less infectious than 4 , can’t put my finger on it. But no way I would say ebf 5 music is bad

  4. CaseStripe

    Dear Mister Matt,
    Thank you so much for your kindness and caring for us players! When talking about CNY, the first thing is RED! We wear red clothes and put up red decorations, both inside our houses and out side. Beside lanterns we paste a kind of decoration carved out of red paper called “diaoqian”(吊钱, hanging money) on windows and doors. We also paste or hang decorations with the character “fu”(福,means blessing and happiness)or zodiac animals on them. Before the new year, we clean our houses and get rid of old useless things while get new ones. We also have our hair cut or permed before new year. We prepare various kinds of food like meat, fish and sausages for meals as well as candies and peanuts for snacks. On new year’s eve people eat a big meal with their family. We eat dumplings and several other dishes. In the following days people visit their relatives and get together for more meals. People of older generations give money(red packets) to younger ones. There are festival temple fairs where people can see dragon dancing and lion dancing. Some people also hold ceremonies to worship ancestors. During the festival, you’ll hear firecrackers booming form time to time, except in some cities they’re banned for air pollution these recent years.
    Above all, CNY is a festival for family. So as for the holiday quest, maybe you can let us help Anna’s parents collect some supplies like food and decorations and let their house get a new look then we recieve red packets. Also, because year 2019 is the year of pig, maybe the lucky charm can be a toy pig.
    That’s all for now, I hope it will help. Best wishes for you and your work! :hurray:


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