10 thoughts on “Fanart: Merry Christmas!

  1. Bekilo

    Mat you did a great job on EBF5. Music is just fine. It would be great tho if you could fight arkon and old bosses. And mabye a Limit break that can cut earth in half like in Brawl Royale.

    1. long

      i love this game but there is some issue
      1-the music isnt as epic as other ebf, but phyrnna is a busy person so i cant really ask for more
      2-the reward system of the series are still somewhat lacking, i mean fighting through wave of enemies(some doesnt even give exp and money) just to get some steroids
      3-most of the key items in series are quite useless after a while, and it’s even less in ebf 5, if you count the useful of each item aside from advancing to the next area, most key items are used less than 10 screens.
      i know its hard to create puzzles when you’re a single developer, but i hope there will be more puzzles that actually include the use of key items, so it wouldnt seem useless to fight through waves of enemies for some items that you wouldnt use for even up to 10% of the game

  2. alproy

    (sorry if i spam)
    THIS JUST IN! you dont get those “epic” achivment on boss fights in newgame+! (i tried on posidon, 3-headed blaze hydra and the finle boss) :wut:

    1. Joseph Howard

      Yeah, I got a message along those lines when I finished the game. I get why, though; it would be really cheap and easy to do it on newgame+.

  3. Drake

    I wouldn’t celebrate Christmas if there weren’t children to celebrate for. Anyhow, Merry Christmas and enjoy your timeout with your dearest, Matt.

  4. alproy

    and also…
    are you even going to use that acidic boots you get or they completly usless?
    and another one:
    “oh boy the rerward from the rushes must be really goo- *you get 3(1) steroids* me: T_T
    and “wow that was hard i wonder what i get when i finish all the rushes” *you get 3(1) steroids* me again: T_T

  5. alproy

    hello agian matt… i know this might sound bad to you after all the great job you made but…. i despoint from this this game:
    first at all.. the cooldowns: its an awsome idea but you gone to far when you made the debuff cooldown to 5 insted of 1 like the buff skills you cant just work with this and the worst part is most of time your cooldown just wont effect the boss/big foe
    second the music: dont get me wrong i like most of the musics but… couldnt you and phyrana create original musics insted of like 4 remixes of musics (port harbor = we like the booty, menu music = that word 1 music from adventure story and so on…)
    thierd…. the finle boss music and the battle itself …. dont seems that epic compard to EBF3 and EBF4…
    and for the end… can you say when you fix the newgame+?

    1. CoffeeUser

      1. Debuffs are too powerful. The cooldowns exist to counterbalance this. Without boosts it’s already a 2x damage boost. With debuff boosting equips it can potentially become 5x damage. (Assuming enemies had no resists. In which case you should use curse or just not bother with it.) Let’s just make it free so that you can clear every single wave in one hit. Woo how exciting.

      2. Let’s just all focus on the 5 remixed tracks and ignore like 20 other original tracks. It’s not like 3 and 4 had no remix tracks or reused tracks.

      3. Akron’s fight is like an epic drag instead. It’s not that hard to survive the attacks. But the damage you can do in that fight is abysmal. It even heals. The only way to beat it at a decent pace was to hope it summons a Cosmic Monolith aside. So that some of his heals get canceled. It’s still an unnecessarily long fight that way and definitely not epic.

      Godcat/The Creator/The Destroyer were way more exciting. Their main body uses some dangerous attacks. But with a rather little health pool. So it’s more like a survival course. Deal out enough damage while keeping up with their supreme fire power. You even have to face both of them at once later. Definitely epic.

      Gigalith was a unique boss. No other foe can counter attack. And few Monolith uses physical as their main attack. But since it’s not a true final boss there isn’t much else to it.

      The Devourer is like an even more fierce version of Godcat. Don’t expect to survive a wave of it and its minions’ assault consistently. You have to take care of its minions in order to have a chance of surviving. And on top of that it has a huge health pool. This means you have to keep its minions down while still dealing decent damage to it in order to have any progress in battle. It’s like Akron done right. Definitely epic.

      So EBF4 and 5 had epic enough final bosses and I can’t decide on which is better. EBF3 had the lacking final boss fight instead.

      In terms or music I agree that 3 and 4 had better final boss themes than 5. However it’s an opinion and it can differ. The fight itself however has numbers to back it up. So saying that it’s not as epic as the previous one is just not true.


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