13 thoughts on “Fanart: A Festive Gril

  1. Sticks

    Well too late, the true final boss is way too difficult for me, I will have to do it on Epic one day though… :sick:

  2. Belyayev's Fox

    I recently managed to beat the final boss on normal and I have to say that your work has evolved and improved immensely over the years. I really look forward to seeing what you have planned for next year. I also want to know what you have in mind for EBF5 expansions. You could create an ultimate arena for players to fight almost every enemy from the main EBF series and make customizable challenges that can be shared online. I leave the choice to you. :smirk:

  3. Sta2000 - PL

    Hey. There’s the thing. I’ve got a fanart. Well, not me, exactly. It was made by my 10 years old little bro. Should I send it somewhere? What do you, gyus, think? Matt? What do you think? ❓

  4. Minger

    I got some achievements while being in offline mode on steam (because my steam is wonky as balls) and I’m pretty sure i have to start a new playthrough to get them. Am i wrong?

    1. Joseph Howard

      Try clicking on the achievements within the game when you do have internet. It might work, since it worked for me when some of mine did not register.

  5. Sticks

    Matt, I just got to the final boss after the 4 evil versions, why did you have to make this so difficult? 😥


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