Fanart: Triple Lance & QnA Session

Hey guys, I’m going to do a voice chat Question & Answer session on the EBF Discord, tomorrow (Thursday) at 8pm GMT. You can ask questions by text or by voice – we tried this last Thursday and it worked really well. It lasted over 2 hours and around 100 people tuned in to listen. Please try to come up with some interesting questions, and I’ll see you then!

Also EBF4 and BH2 are 75% off in the Autumn and Winter Steam sales!

Here’s some more fanart, by Rukuai, zzhwfy, and Julithekawaiiloser.


9 thoughts on “Fanart: Triple Lance & QnA Session

  1. Dewayne

    Haha, jsut bought the game before the sale went on, hope the extra moeny went inta yer pocket. I’ve been wanting to buy you a beer for the longest time anyway:D EBF5 gonna be a blast.


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