Fanart: 1234

Got some fanart from ProfCarrot.

Halloween was cool, a total of 47 kids showed up at my door, and some of them were genuinely afraid to take candy from me in my Scream costume. Feels good, man.

14 thoughts on “Fanart: 1234

  1. Someone

    Anyone else notice how the game number tells how many players there are, excluding the first game? In the second game, there are two players (Matt and Natalie), the third there are three(Matt, Natalie, and Lance), the fourth there are four (Matt, Natalie, Lance, and Anna), and in the fifth there will be five (Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna, and Nolegs). :wut: :wut: :wut:

  2. Rbstat

    i just realized Anna is literally just wearing sleeves. like her shirt goes up to her back an chest. but then she’s decided to put some random sleeves on to keep her arms warm just cause. they’re not connected at all, look at it. :wut:

      1. Rbstat

        But it couldn’t connect to her back in any reasonable way though. it can’t be from the bottom because then it’d connect from the sides, which it isn’t. it can’t connect from the top cause that would form into the front, in the standard chest hole we have for most T-Shirts. there is no realistic way for those sleeves to connect to the rest of the shirt…

        SHE’S WEARING ARM SLEEVES!!! :stars:


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