Halloween Pumpkins

Me and Ronja spent 8 man-hours getting our window ready for Halloween!
It was her first time carving pumpkins, and my first time trying to carve anything challenging, so I think they turned out pretty well.

Happy Halloween, yo.


10 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkins

  1. Altarius

    “For the first time it turned out pretty well” Really??

    They turned out pretty well even if this was your 1.000.000th time carving pumpkins.

  2. Owen

    Love those designs. Your artistic talents definitely shined through.

    Actually reminds me to ask if you have ever heard of Turnip Lanterns. I remember that those long preceded pumpkins in the Jack-O-Lantern field in English history.

    Feel free to Google that for some really nice examples. They put pumpkin lanterns to shame.

  3. Megaboom123456

    for first time you did really good i like those pumpkins i’m late here but i hope you got a good haloween :hurray:


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