EBF5: Translation Progress

Hey guys, I’ve updated the EBF5 Beta to version 0.13.
Most of the update is just related to translations: Menus, skills, equips, foes, medals, and items text is in there now. (No dialogue though) It’s still a work in progress, and the translations aren’t final – feel free to read through the translations and give us some feedback on the EBF Discord, or let us know of any text related issues. (There’s a chance that I broke some user-interface stuff)

For those that don’t know, EBF5 will be in: Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean and Japanese. So if you’re familiar with any of those languages, please try them out in-game and tell us if we’re doing a good job so far.

22 thoughts on “EBF5: Translation Progress

  1. Knokke

    On NoLegs’ weapon the Neon Light Bulb, IN ENGLISH, it says that it counter with “SHOCK” when the move it actually counters with is “SURGE”. Which of these is a typo, or is this how it is supposed to be? :?:

  2. Jason

    There are some things in Vietnamese that I think would be better as English. Will point out more later, right now I’m busy and tired. But first: The Juggernaut bow.

    1. Jason

      In English, it’s “Thor’s Hammer”; In Vietnamese, it’s “Mjolnir” (the actual name of Thor’s hammer).
      Sub Zero and Absolute Zero share the exact same name In Vietnamese. I suggest changing the former and keeping the latter.
      Shadow Blaster and Pulsar also share similar names. They’re one word away from being identical.
      Another suggestion is to change the translation of the Steel and Viking Bucklers into something simpler and more accurate: “Khiên Thép”, “Khiên Viking”. Just show your Vietnamese translator this.
      I’ll come back later if I find anything.

    2. Jason

      More suggestions:
      - Translate “Godcat” as “Miêu Thần”.
      - Modify Santa Hat’s translation into “Mũ Santa”.
      - Modify Spelunking Hat’s translation into “Mũ Thám Hiểm”.
      (- There’s a typo in the Amber Bobble’s translation. FTFY: Dây Tóc Hổ Phách.)
      (- If capitalizing everything is a must, then you missed the Ninja Chopsticks. Here: Trâm Cài Ninja.)
      - Modify Cold Steel’s translation into “Hàn Thiết”.
      - Modify Arctic Trident’s translation into “Đinh Ba Âm Cực”.
      - Modify Paper Fan’s translation into “Quạt Giấy’.
      (- Rename “The Knife” to just “Knife” or “Kitchen Knife” maybe?)
      - Modify Hellfire Shotgun’s translation into “Súng Săn Hỏa Ngục”.
      - Modify Super Snipe ZX’s translation into “Siêu Súng Tỉa ZX”.
      - Modify Spine Snapper’s translation into “Súng Chẻ Xương”.
      - Modify Desert Scorpion’s translation into “Bọ Cạp Sa Mạc”. (This is more simple and accurate (all of these are, actually. Pretty sure). I’m Vietnamese and I don’t even know what the translation is supposed to mean.)
      - Modify Ultra Pro 9000X’s translation into either “Siêu Gậy Khúc Côn Cầu 9000X” or “Gậy Siêu Chuyên Nghiệp 9000X”. (I prefer the latter because it’s shorter. Unlike this post.)
      - Either keep Crimson Razorback untranslated or maybe translate it as “Razorback Đỏ”.
      - Modify Godly Book’s translation into “Cuốn Sách Thần Thánh”.
      That should take care of all of the equipment names. I think. I’ll check the descriptions later. Hope I’m being helpful. Please respond.

  3. HamFantasy

    BUG: When battling in a Thunderstorm (Earth Dragon fight gurading a chest by Forgotten Temple) no text is shown when hovering over the weather.

    1. HamFantasy

      Also seems to be happening with all weather types. Not affecting the weather’s effects, happening in at least the English version.

  4. nepans

    Hey Matt if you go to the glitch boss in redpine town, the glitches won’t reset now my entire game is bugged I can’t continue playing like this!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  5. potato

    Hey, this doesn’t have to do with the topic, but I didn’t get around to asking this earlier. Is there a way to replay the ‘cutscenes’? I’m a completionist – have to see everything kinda person, and I was hoping to see those with all the dif NSFW settings. Thanks

  6. NoLegs Fan

    I don’t care about many translations, and i didn’t played Beta, until one time…
    And there is only ONE thing i want to change :tongue:

    NoLegs name in Polish :yay:

    BezŁap is ok, but i prefer NieNóg (it sounds more cute :stars: )

    Everything else is OK to me, well, the fact that this game would be in Polish alone is great, and it’ll be shame to grumble because of some mistakes. :neutral:

  7. NachoXT

    In spanish traslation i guess, is too “Literaly” (literal, no se si lo escribí bien), in case of “Limit Break”, is posible be same in english, because is easy understand this. Like this is posible other cases. Or can use another words for this traslation. :mad: :mad:

    1. Anyar

      If you see anything wrong you can suggest changes. There is always the dangerous possibility that some people might be using Google Translate or some other translation service instead of actual translation work.

  8. Anyar

    Where can I find the translations? Is there a document somewhere or do I need to play the game itself in another language?

    1. Anyar

      Nevermind, there’s a pinned Google doc on the corresponding Discord channel for my language. And wow, they already translated it all, in both forms too. Excellent.


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