Fanart: Natalie

I’ve finished playing through EBF5 on Hard/Epic difficulty, and completing (almost) everything took me 40 hours. Not everyone will be playing on Hard mode, but it’s still a very long game, and the regular user will be much slower than me.

Here’s a Natalie by Ayaanosaur.

16 thoughts on “Fanart: Natalie

  1. M

    How much will this game he as I have been saving 10 dollars for this and when is the estimated release datt? :yay:

  2. Sticks

    Well judging by how EBF4 was $12 it’ll probably be around that if not more because this game looks amazing so far, thanks so much Matt! Also that Natalie is art is nice

  3. Maud Lin

    Will there be some kind of “battle mountain” and is this included in the 40 hours?
    (sry 4 my bad english lol)

  4. Kenny

    Will you be making a Play store version of this? I’m not gonna pretend like I know how to do it or if it will be hard, but I would pay for a Play store version and it would also help publicize your games.


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