No-Legged Cats

At the Play Expo we only had one computer for attendees to play EBF5 on, so anyone who was waiting around was given a template to draw a cat!

The top-left ones are by me and my friends, and the rest are by random strangers.
Make sure to view the image in full size!
nolegged cats

12 thoughts on “No-Legged Cats

  1. A Filthy Homestuck

    Is that a wild Capricorn I see?
    JK; I totally agree though, Gamzee Makara should totally be added because who hasn’t grown out of their ‘homestuck’ phase from the dark days of tumblr? :yay:


    Dude this is so cool. Your dedication to your fans even with your limited supplies is amazing!

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :stars: :stars: :stars:

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