EBF5: Intro

Hey guys, here’s the opening minigame and animation for EBF5!
Strangely enough I got tons of work done without the internet – I guess the distractions outweigh the conveniences most of the time.

27 thoughts on “EBF5: Intro

  1. Lord Of Gays

    Do you apply it as beta? or my horde of gays will beat you? :shades: :love2: :love2:

  2. Elegate1

    The animation looks way smoother and more polished than ever before. Great job guys, I’m really looking forward to playing this straight after launch.

    Also, as a sidenote, I left it at 100 before I pressed play – it’s more like inertia than anything else at this point.

  3. ILikeEBF

    I popped 1111 slimes!!!
    (I,m not lying! I,m a very patient person :smirk: )
    Can you beat me? :stars: (AND DON,T LIE!!!)

    1. Sanford

      This time around, Matt decided to make the medal for splatting 10,000 slimes instead of 100, but you’re almost there!

    2. Dark_Forces48

      thats a lot of clicking you did there, poor slimes getting squashed though, itll lessen their population, which is good? or not? ❓

  4. Sanford

    I feel like in EBF4, there were some issues with item distribution, particularly in the cases of gold plates and silk. Silk is required to upgrade a wide variety of items, and to upgrade everything (or even just a few thing), you need to buy a LOT of it. Gold plates are also really bad. The magma hammer is extremely useful from the moment you first get it, and you’ll probably equip it during the second third and fourth dungeons, but the magma hammer requires three gold plates, and you only get two from chests. Not only that, but there are only a couple enemies with a chance to drop them at all (at least at the time this is relevant), and they only have a 3% chance to do so.

    I just think that items like these are relatively way to hard to get a hold of, while items like mithril shards, while valuable, are easy to get in the amounts needed. I just noticed this as I’m replaying the fourth game to get ready for the fifth’s release, and I was wondering if such balancing had been receiving a major focus.

  5. Ty SHarper than a pillow

    Fentasy? was that intentional?
    Aside from that i love how refreshing the intro it really feels like you’re trying to show fans from the get go that there are gonna be quite a few new things/mechanics/style.
    Also Nolegs is cute x2.

  6. Konnor

    Of course if you give me this, I’m going to kill 100, or 200 of them for the sake of an achievement! Why wouldn’t I?

    P.S: Holy crap, you already got that whole intro sequence done? :ooo:


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