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Hey guys, if you recall some of my old rants, I’m really worried about online privacy, freedom of speech, and big tech companies like Facebook taking over the world. Lately I’ve started using Telegram for instant messaging (Desktop & Mobile) in an attempt to rely on Facebook less, and my favourite thing about it is that you can make your own sticker packs! So once I got bored of spamming Pepe the frog memes, I made two EBF packs: One is the characters in the cutout style, and the other is the character emoticons from the game.

You can get them by opening these links in Telegram:
EBF Character pack: https://t.me/addstickers/EBF_characters
EBF Emoticon pack: https://t.me/addstickers/EBF_emotes

Anyway, I like Telegram a lot because it reminds me of the old days of instant messaging: where you could post whatever you wanted and didn’t have to worry about some huge corporation recording all of your personal data. It’s even popular with ISIS, so it must be good for privacy.

Also before someone mentions Whatsapp: that’s also owned by Facebook.

Alright, that’s enough shilling for now. Let me know if there’s any other apps that can use custom sticker packs, and maybe I’ll put these on there too.

sticker preview

28 thoughts on “EBF Sticker Packs

  1. TeKett

    why not post it on the appstore? that way mobile users can use them on everything that supports images, it actually started out as a line thing if im not mistaken, i do think discord and similar can use them too

  2. Unkn0wn

    i think you should check on the links. the picture one isn’t working. can you please check on that? :wut: ❓ 😡 :scared: :sick: 😥 :bleh: :meh: 😐 🙁 😐 :meh: :bleh: :sick: 😥 :scared: 😡 ❓ 😡 :wut: :skull: 👿 😡 :skull: 🙁 :bleh: :meh: :scared: :sick: 👿 :skull:

  3. Metalslug27

    Is there any way to get these as just .jpgs or .pngs? would love to kick these around on my group chat, but don’t have nor plan to have telegram.

  4. Limit66

    Well, there’s this social media on mobile (even though most of the users are from Asia) called ‘LINE’. They’re their own company, I don’t how big they are compared to Facebook though, and they also allow the users to make their own sticker packs.

  5. Alucardin

    Never in my life have i needed something that much and never knew until i received it. -Vegeta, 20XX

  6. Nerazion

    Those are awsome, i as well use telegramm a lot…but mostly cause furries…but ium always looking for new stickers


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