Fused Glass

Hey guys, I made some things out of fused glass.

A photo doesn’t really show off how shiny they are, so I’ll just say that they’re very shiny.
There’s a bit of trial and error involved – some glass changes colors when cooked, and some colors melt more than others, so you don’t always get what you expect. And cutting glass is tricky, if you do it wrong you can’t fix it.

The blue one turned out super smooth, some of the others less so. They’re supposed to be coasters but they may be a bit slippery and wobbly for that.

As my hobby turned into a grindy job, I’m looking for other creative things to do.
So I’ve signed up for all the arts and crafts workshops – more stuff to come later.

15 thoughts on “Fused Glass

  1. JustPlaying

    I never actually did something like this, so I don’t know what is the process of making one, but from my perspective, they are really beautiful :stars:

  2. FafnirPrince

    Its ok Matt. You don’t have to rush EBF5 if you feel pressured. BTW those glass coasters look amazing :stars:

  3. Jack

    Glass crafting huh? I saw this guy who has done this before making fantastic beings and shapes in tel aviv with this heating smelting machine and it is pretty dangerous and hard but very awarding


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