23 thoughts on “EBF5: NPC Maker

  1. Rainbowdrugg

    Here is my NPC 4,7,13,18,2,12,2,31,11,7,2,2 he might be some kind of musician or maybe a traveller seeking for fame.

  2. Please View This

    This is my NPC __11,7,5,9,3,2,54,2,2,4,2,2__ :smirk:
    Can you make this one like Natalie or Lance is relatives >_<

    1. Check This Out

      I love that elephant hat from Armorgames. If im right it is from elephant quest, achievement unlocked and this is only level :stars:

    2. Check This Out

      It is nice to make conversation like
      NPC : Hi Lance its been a long time…
      Lance: Who are you?!
      NPC: Its me your (cousin or anything else) how can you forget me.
      And continued
      Or you can make it Natalie is cousin or something

  3. Dervo161

    Here is Zeron. Lance’s Supposed Brother from another timeline. Though Lance doesn’t remember having a brother.

  4. ererbe

    A monster hunter fighting with 2 swords combined with magic ^^
    He is fighting monsters because their destroyed his village (classic :cry: )
    He often dont trust other… :smirk: -> :evil: -> :bacon:

  5. Sohade


    An adventurer that is trying to give his sword to onother worthy owner because he found a better one.Could give a quest for a weapon :shades:

  6. heyo

    This is Retu his looking for his gun and willing to pass his sword to the ones that returned his gun.
    Note: He’s an old trainer.

  7. Daisque

    This is Hayoto, he was cursed by a demon and he’s willing to give his demon slayer sword to anyone who break his curse


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