New Business Cards!

I tried to make some new business cards, and went and made trading cards instead!
It’s probably impossible to collect all 5, as even if you managed to meet me 5 times, I wouldn’t give you that many. Also I never leave the house.

20 thoughts on “New Business Cards!

  1. Drake

    These could also be some beer coaster but they don’t look like squares even if I thought it at first (depends on point of view). As those they would definitely be awesome to bring along a pub :yay:

  2. Raining Swords from Above

    I’d be down with a deck of Playing Cards via TheGameCrafter or DriveThru cards. :stars:
    In addition a set of non-random ‘trading card’ style cards with stats would ala scanbot.

    Just want to let you know there is interest there in buying something like that.

      1. Kay

        i’m Brasilian… i’m the nearest, but the one with less chance of get one… other Brasilians will understand :sick: )


    funny thing i had a dream i checked this and i had missed 8% of progress and like 5 posts and i was so happy i died :neutral:

  4. Ariel

    OOOOOOOH! :stars:
    Merch store!
    My birthday is coming up in around a month, it’d time quite nicely!
    And ship to Australia! Down under, we don’t get squat, it’s all you poms and yankees :cry:


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