I won’t be working on EBF5 in March btw. I’ll be pushing out some maintenance updates to EBF3 and 4 and also just taking time off to catch up on games and stuff.

I’m playing Shadows of Adam on Steam at the moment. It’s worth checking out if you want something like the SNES Final Fantasy games but without random battles.

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  1. Jordan Scott

    It’s a good thing to take a break. You never want to feel rushed when making a game, or you risk compromising the potential greatness that you can create. Take your time. Don’t constrict your self to a set date to finish a project. You can set a goal, but don’t feel as though its a time limit. If there’s a new feature or piece of content you want to add then do it. Delays may suck when you want to play a new game, but that gives the developer/s more time to add more content. You’ve created something truly great, truly EPIC, and a lot of people appreciate that. Don’t give up, you awesome person. Take your time. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Delayed is out now so that’s an option. Have some fun. You deserve it.

  2. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    This will be a sad boring month.

    Well, guess I’ll just hit up the Final Fantasies 4 and 5 again.

  3. Nikola Jaric

    So, kupo, I have a bug to report -_- I was playing EBF4 Battle Mountain and I went to activate the left switch for the dark players door. Went in the cave, activated the switch, went out, and instead of the green jelly, it was Dark Anna! I just went down so I could activate the right switch for the door and I stuck. I mean, the GUI was there, the music played, the cursor was there, only the map room was black! I saved the game, I exited and went to sleep. I opened the save, and it was the green jelly frame. Everything functioned except I could not move! I exited the game and made a copy of the save. If you want me to send it, just please tell me where to. I am almost level 49 and defeated GodCat twice. I’m playing the DRM-Free version. Also, one more thing, after you post the update, could you make a DRM-free version of EBF3? Thank you very much!

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      That’s weird, though at this stage I’m probably not going to fix it.
      EBF3 is already DRM free, once it’s installed you don’t need to have Steam running to play it.

      1. aka158

        hey matt on armour games i brought the expansion pack but it was the first one can you update it beacuse im on level 49 and dont want to pay for it again just for a new features can you update it pls with the expanison pack pls :smirk:

      2. Nikola Jarić

        Oh, thanks, I didn’t know that… :tongue: Guess I’ll just have to play on my other save ’til the bug fix. You sure you don’t want the save? I can send you anytime I’m online. :tongue: Just say.
        Oh, and one more question, can I use the EBF crew (preferably Natz and NoLegs) as NPCs in my game? It’s made in RPG Maker, and I want them to be quite important, and give the player some quest items and skills. The game is inspired by the EBF series.

  4. Aysu

    I’ve been playing Shadow of Adams the last couple of days. I really like the old feel to it. It’s a great game for anyone who liked older Final Fantasy games. Very similar, and just as much fun! :yay:

  5. Owen

    If you plan on taking the month of March to enjoy other games, this would be a good time to indulge in some nostalgia with DOOM (the classic 1993 PC one). :shades:

  6. firekirby135

    “If you want something like the SNES Final Fantasy games but without random battles.”
    So… something like EBF then? ;P

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      This game is *way more* like a SNES game than that. Down to the wonky dialogue.


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