EBF5: Dungeons

I’m not working on this yet, but something I have in mind for Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is dungeons that are seperate areas from the main world map, and contain optional content. (much like Battle Mountain in EBF4)

Dungeons could be caves, buildings, and other hidden areas. Foes in them would always be at the same level as your party, and they would not give any experience, but you could keep loot as normal.

This format is convenient because:

  • It’s a good way of locking away premium content. The free version is still a complete game, but there’s extra dungeons for the full version.
  • Dungeons can be played at any time. You can try to beat them as soon as you find them, or come back to them later. Either works.
  • I can later make more dungeons or add rooms to them easily. I can’t really do this with the normal world map since it’s stuck to a fixed size and layout.
  • Dungeons can be very hard. You don’t have to beat them all.
  • It’s a tidy way of doing achievements/progress reports. For example, you can get a little notification when you collect all of the treasure chests in a dungeon.
  • Towns will feel less cluttered because the interiors of houses are seperate maps.

But yeah, it’s basically Battle Mountain but split into tiny little parts, hidden all over the place. I’m looking forward to hiding some really bizarre dungeons for people to find.


23 thoughts on “EBF5: Dungeons

  1. Toxella

    Super excites for this tbh, really interesting and unique way to keep the game replay-friendly and also make people use more of their characters. But will you set it to where it’s playthrough-permanent (Meaning randomized and set at a certain piece of equipment at the start of every new playthrough) or just screen/chest random (Where it’s randomized as soon as you enter the screen or open the chest)? Because if it’s screen/chest random, would this mean people could load an autosave before opening a chest and expect to find different outcomes? I’m probably making this more complicated than necessary, just wondering tho lol.

  2. creature

    :skull: :skull: :skull:

    rip ebf5

    12 – 15$ for content that makes the game 99999999999999.100% easier…

  3. ZeroPride

    seems fun…also, do you think you can make boss battles replayable with custom handicaps for the most hardcore ingame achievements (aside from the classic damage dealt/damage taken handicaps, i was thinking about can’t equip certain stuff, no limit breaks,no ice moves ecc….)

  4. HUNRonin

    I allready loved Battle Mountain, but this sounds way less grueling and EVEN MORE fun than that was :yay: :yay:

  5. Thrynity

    Greaaaat news, but will it have some buny slime teleporter to reach them quicker when we discover them ?! if they are well hide it would be a pain to find them again
    Also, House will now be on a different map hu ? mean that entrance wont be only on side of the screen, good to hear

  6. Shraderc.inc


    i have a question though. I am totally for buying this game but i need to save up and conserve what steam money i have. what do you think the price will be (about)


    P.S. Keep up the amazing work

  7. Karyete

    Bonus content is always nice to find, especially if it’s more tucked away than Battle Mountain.

    Would even be neat if certain types/elements of enemies only showed up in certain dungeons, making the Bestiary a little more challenging to complete.

  8. RNGesus

    That sounds amazing! Can you also add in cool and elaborate puzzles to these dungeons, like the ice block puzzle in Battle Mountain?

    I think adding in optional content like this is the best, you can also jack up the difficulty and add in complex mechanics to the fights and not have to worry about people complaining because they’re “stuck”.

    Similar to the 60 medal zone in EBFIII.

    In fact, these dungeons do remind me of the medal zones in EBF 3, good to see older stuff being brought back in a new form!

    I also have another question, are you going to add in an extra difficulty level above epic, or perhaps add in new and more damaging attacks/effects for fights in epic difficulty (like how the Godcats used limit breaks on epic mode)? Because for most people who are experienced with the series even epic mode seems too easy.

    1. Dewayne

      I agree with everything you said, and would also love to see the areas actually require medals again. For those who never noticed, if you enter medal areas in EBF3 you can escape from battle an completely pass those fights entirely.
      As for the difficulty, maybe just stick with Epic being hardest until you clear the game once. Then have like a hardcore mode that you can’t change after choosing along with different modifiers perhaps. Some of the runs i’ve enjoyed in EBF3-4 are no armor/weapon upgrades, no stat boost items, and no item usage in battles. If you wanna be evil you can even add in a perma-death option 😐

  9. Lam

    Sounds really cool. Reminds me of Grandia’s secret dungeons.
    And i’d like a really hard part in this one. Okay Dark Players were hard in EBF4 but you still can defeat them in epic without having a really hard time. Meh, maybe your games aren’t supposed to be “that” hard.
    Anyway, i’d like to see how you would implement them.


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