24 thoughts on “EBF5: Newspapers

  1. Metalslug27

    Ok, Its been hinted at and referenced through dialogue in the the game, but I want it confirmed by Word of God: Does Lance hang out on 4chan? Specifically the boards /k/ /v/ and /pol/?

    1. RNGesus

      >Autistic and awkward around women
      >Loves guns and weaponry in general
      >Loves anime boobs
      >Owns lots of Nazi uniforms/symbols/weaponry
      >Hates cats

      Yeah he seems to fit the bill just fine.

  2. Shraderc.inc

    i know that lance likes video games and gun, you could remake the title of the top left to say earl nukem (like duke nukem) or just change the spelling a bit

  3. KarnageRage

    Can you make a reference to “that” comic with Natalie’s statement that there are pictures of her when she was on the beach last time?

  4. Haseo

    😡 i draw offense to your pepe news paper because he is officially a hate symbol. T.R.G.G.E.R.E.D lol
    but seriously i think its usually the little details that make the game pretty cool, great job on what you’ve done so far and keep it up :smirk: .

    1. Ariel

      it probably says somewhere, but i can’t be stuffed to look…
      Oi Matt, (the real one) is your gf/wife called Natalie? Sounds like such a twelvie question, but it kinda makes sense…

      1. PyromaniacBluJay

        yo sorry for butting in but i love giving some info
        matt’s gf is called Ronja

        thats all i really have to say

      1. Toxella

        No, actually 9 counting Brawl Royale. Also in One More Final Battle (a really old animation he made), So like, they’ve been together forever lmao.


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