Amazing Bullet Heaven 2 Gameplay

Creepy Ninja recorded himself setting some of the highest scores in Bullet Heaven 2, against the bonus bosses on Heavenly+ difficulty. Check him out for some top-tier gameplay – he’s done a lot of videos of the game and he’s really good at it.

11 thoughts on “Amazing Bullet Heaven 2 Gameplay

  1. Eaten_Sandwich

    Since game devs tend to test their games to make sure they’re possible, have you three-starred each level on each difficulty with the hardest handicaps? Or did you just hope that it was possible that some people would get it eventually (like this guy) :?:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      I don’t have to perfect each level – I just have to perfect each wave to make sure it’s possible. 3 starring the levels is actually easier in some cases with the handicaps. But yeah, I 3 starred every level personally, except the final boss.

  2. Endgame

    This guy is amazing. better at this than i could be in any shooter game – scratch that, any game PERIOD – his gameplay of this is amazing. But still, he could be better, practicing grazing more bullets and studying bullet patterns to not get hit by them. also im pretty sure there’s a handicap that prevents you from using bombs to take damage which he could turn on to get an even higher score (unless what im thinking of is a part of pacifist mode)

    Still, do I have ANY right to critique this?! GJ.

  3. ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

    And I’m lucky I beat them in Normal. To be fair on my part, Curtain Fire games aren’t a thing I’m terribly good at. I’m blind and have trouble seeing small things.

    I love Phyrnna’s “Powerful and Bright,” tho. I may be bad at bullet heaven, but that won’t stop me from bobbing to the music. :love2:

    1. Matt Roszak Post author

      As a blind person, I’m curious to hear your opinion on the visual options in the game. Do you think the high contrast mode with a dark background helped?
      Do you think a high contrast mode for text in EBF5 would be useful?

  4. Billy The Honourable

    Well, that’s good for them! :hurray: However I don’t think I’ll ever do anything on Heavenly… I have double vision, so Bullet Hells aren’t what I should be doing :cry: – but I try them anyway! :neutral: (Somehow I completed Undertale with double vision, so I just gotta try harder in Bullet Heaven 2?) :?:

  5. Elysia

    okay, so, this guy is better than me at bullet hells.

    and considering i’m the girl who timed out virtue of wind god at 75 fps, among a ton of other touhou achievements, that is saying a LOT.

    *tips her cap*

    1. CreepyNinja_

      Well, if timeout of Virtue of Wind God was done on Hard or Lunatic – respect. If not – also respect, especially among a lot of other achievements as you said (if that’s true ^^)


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