EBF5: Android Codes

Hey guys, I’ve learned how to give out Play Store codes for the In-App Purchases in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

It’s a bit clunkier than Steam keys, because there’s a limit on how many I can give out, and the codes expire in one year (if they are not used), but otherwise it’s quite similar to Steam’s system.

So if you’ve given money to my Patreon, or have had some fanart featured, or are a translator or Discord moderator, or have otherwise contributed a lot to the community, and want some codes for yourself or for friends, please let me know.

Using the codes seems to be different on the Play Store website and in the app.
In the Play Store app, you can go into your account settings, then “Offers and Notifications”, then “Redeem Promo Code”.
On the website it’s easier. There’s a “Redeem” button in the main menu on the side.

The In-App Purchases should hopefully be unlocked next time you start up EBF5 (maybe you’ll have to press the “Restore Purchases” button in the game).

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