Android Game Keys

Hey guys. I’ve figured out how to give out free copies of my Android games, so if any patrons want EBF1, Brawl Royale, Mecha Dress Up, or Cat Cafe on Android for free, let me know and I’ll send you a “promotion code” that you can redeem in the Play Store. It also works if you want to give the codes to your friends. Since each game is around $1, that’s a lot of codes you could get if you want.

It’s basically the same deal as with Steam keys – if you give me enough money on Patreon you can request Steam keys that are worth that much. This offer stands whether you’re a current patron or have been in the past. (you can ask me how much you’ve paid in total)

It’s a bit more complicated for in-app purchases, but I’ll figure out something when EBF5 is published too.

Anyway, that’s basically the main perk of my Patreon page. The (mostly) finished games from the EBF Collection are also available on there individually, which at the moment includes Bullet Heaven 1, The Kitten Game, Mecha Dress Up, EBF1, and EBF2.

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