EBF Collection: Mechs and Apples

Hey guys, I’m almost finished Mecha Dress Up Game v2.

I completely remade the interface, and it almost feels like a new game.
A lot of sounds are new, because the old ones were painful. There’s a couple of new parts and backgrounds. An export to jpeg button. A bunch of pre-made mechs to give you ideas and help you find some cool color schemes. And a new soundtrack with 4 tracks!

EBF1 and 2 have sequels, so there’s not much I wanted to add there, and Brawl Royale is such a simple game that there isn’t much you can change. But Mecha Dress Up definitely had a lot of stuff I’ve wanted to add ever since I first published it.

In other news, Epic Games are suing Apple for having a monopoly on their devices, and not letting developers sell software directly without giving Apple a cut. I’m rather excited about this. No company should be able to dictate what you can install on your computer, and where you’re allowed to buy software from. PC operating systems have been open forever, but for some reason people think smartphones and tablets are an exception – they’re general-purpose computers and should be open just like PCs!

Oh, and I feel the same way about consoles too. They’re all general-purpose computers, and there’s no technical reason that exclusives should exist – only business reasons. When I was a kid, consoles could only play games specifically designed and programmed for that console – but that’s not been the case for a few console generations now. Oh well, at least we’ll always have illegal mods and emulators.

Anyway, if Epic gets better terms for developers and customers, or even just pushes the conversation in that direction, I’m all the way behind them. Let the legal battles begin.

Free your computer.

5 thoughts on “EBF Collection: Mechs and Apples

  1. Stephen Sela

    Do you love the WoTC mock-up of “Tyranny of the Dragons” looks like they used your structuralisations from EB4. Yup they’re doing the royal treatment of D&D and no one coulda done it better and you should be happy 4 them

  2. Devin1809

    Although I can understand why what Epic Games is doing can bring good, immediately violating the Apple developer terms
    by implementing their own payment method without warning should lose them the case on proper conduct alone.
    Plus Epic is hypocritical as hell in forcing exclusives and having an anti consumer storefront, then lecturing apple about monopolies.
    As far as I can tell from past incidents Epic is only nice to large game developers and no one else. I just don’t trust them.

    As for exclusives: I agree for the most part. But if a company owns a console or platform, I can understand that they don’t want to
    share the revenue of their in-house games with their direct competitors. But if you didn’t create both the game and the platform,
    you have no business going for exclusives.

    Btw, Bullet Heaven 1 waspart of the game collection right?

  3. dan00b781

    While I can somewhat appreciate the general idea behind what Epic is trying to accomplish, I really have to say that they’re also making themselves look like assholes in the process. As I assume you know, the reason they’re suing Apple is because Apple banned Fortnite from their store, due to the fact that a recent update allowed players to buy Vbucks directly from the game instead of having to go through the Apple store, thereby denying Apple a cut of the profits in the process. Like I said before, what Epic’s trying to do isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they also kinda went behind Apple’s backs and broke contract to do it, and then when Apple gave them their due recompense, they sued them for it and made a public post in an attempt to turn Fortnite’s massive fanbase against Apple, which is more than a little scummy. Apple has been going downhill recently and them basically having a monopoly over the mobile games market is a huge problem, but there had to be a better way to address that problem than whatever this is.

    Tl;dr – Epic has good intentions (at least from what we can tell), but to the surprise of nobody, their execution is as horrible as ever. I honestly don’t really care who ends up winning here, but if I had to pick a side to support, I’d probably lean towards Epic. Even though they did screw over Steam several times, which I personally find unforgivable.


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