EBF5: Mermaid and Totom

Hey guys, here’s the last 2 enemies from the EBF5 foe competition!
The competition is now over, and I’ll do a little post to feature the runner-ups later.

Anyway, here’s Mermaid by Lester Vine, and Totom by Jay again.

Please throw some suggestions for a name for the mermaid, as she’ll likely have a few lines to speak. Here’s a list of possible names. I’m leaning towards Coralia or Melody.

MermaidFinalArt2 totom

11 thoughts on “EBF5: Mermaid and Totom

  1. angel a. gandica. s

    it reminds me of the siren of terraria, one of the heads of mod calamity … so much suffering … and only to discover later that I could not keep her heart still, and I tried to kill her. :shades:

  2. Mrclownfart

    Undine is a name usually associated with water spirits or something in a lot of things I think…

  3. ILikeEBF

    Pearl might be a cool name for the mermaid! :stars: :love:

  4. SPAZ

    I was actually thinking Lorelei even before looking at the list. the name comes from this German folktale about a siren who lives on this rock who sings and unknowingly lured ships and the people on them to their deaths. You should probably check the info yourself to see if it fits with what you want, I don’t want to copy and paste the whole wikipedia article. The name (at least in my opinion,) also has a similar feel to the other two names, so maybe that also helps? idk.

  5. Kupo45

    Use Shyrette as a name! It’s geared towards an Undertale cameo because… the sprite looks a lot like Shyren.

  6. Rbstat


    this might just be one of the most perfect names for a mermaid enemy. the “De” part comes from a German word: “Derb” which means tough, and BLUE, but also crude, and earthy. (essentially meaning rowdy. also the earthy could mean her green hair) the other part comes from the Missouri river, relating it back to the water themeing. and the Missouri river holds the american countryside. where BLUEgrass music got popular. bluegrass music in of itself being considered somewhat hectic and rowdy.

    essentially Dessouri is a name that means a tough and rowdy country singer. perfect for a tough boss-fight.
    And if that wasn’t enough, american countrystars are basically like popstars in the U.S. so the mirror thing works too.

  7. alproy

    1) first multy-heal foe OwO
    2) the dream that one day, one day you’ll create a final boss rush + dark player rush in ebf 5 :stars:

    1. CoffeeUser

      Quartz Ore already multi heals. Unless “multy” means something else I don’t know. Either of these two definitely won’t be the first if it even becomes one.


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