Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 4!


Hey guys, I’m still keeping half an eye on bug reports, but for the most part I’ve already started my holidays, and I’m gaming most of the day.

Every year I do a Christmas giveaway, where I ask people to leave comments on this website for a chance to win Steam keys. This year I don’t feel like reading comments for a whole day, so please keep your comment to one sentence! The prizes this time are obviously keys for Epic Battle Fantasy 5!

 Leave a short, one-sentence comment below.
 The comment must be unique.
 Make sure to fill in the email field so I can email you if you win.
 Winners will be emailed on the 23rd!

945 thoughts on “Christmas Steam Key Giveaway 4!

  1. Hae Mun

    Oh dang. I missed the giveaway 🙁

    Oh well, there’s always next year. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year Kupo!!

  2. SpiralKipz

    Matt’s maroon medicinal mittens mitigated the menacingly macabre migraine induced by Natalie’s numbingly non-stop nagging on his naughty nickle-nabbing nature as neglecting necessary allowances of all humanity’s rights, and Anna’s agrees as her audaciously adamant attitude around absconding after such atrocities accedes Natalie’s viewpoint; meanwhile, Lance lightly leers lewdly at Natalie as the lovely lecture leaves his legitimate logical lapse laying latent for another day. (I kinda liked this at the start and now I think I just kinda screwed it up, oh well. I tried.) 😐

  3. Luke

    The first Epic Battle Fantasy game I played was Adventure Story, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that Matt wasn’t a girl.

  4. MedFood

    I don’t want to waste your time so sorry for this but I just want to say I bought EBF5 and I’m loving it so far! :yay:

  5. Quonit

    Assert your dominance: whenever somebody responds with “I beg your pardon?” respond with “Then Beg.”

  6. GeezerCasper

    Hey Matt, kudos and thanks for the tremendous amount of work and love you invested in this game, we really appreciate you and your work, U0dWNUlFMWhkSFFzSUVWd2FXTWdZbUYwZEd4bElHWmhiblJoYzNrZ2FYTWdZWGRsYzI5dFpTd2dkMjkxYkdRZ2JHbHJaU0JoSUdOdlpHVWdkRzhnYzJoaGNtVWdkMmwwYUNCaElHSnliM1JvWlhJaA==,happy holidays, by the way, this is all one sentence ❗ .

  7. Hercules40

    I have been waiting for EBF 5 way back on the Kongregate era and it went beyond my expectations, so thank you and Merry Christmas.

  8. ItciaiGM

    Probably late but, I wanted to say thanks for such awesome games, love from Venezuela and I hope you have a very nice christmas

  9. Black Widow

    Not interested in winning, just want to say Happy holidays, enjoyed your game very much, and a Happy New Y ears too! :yay:

  10. Cryovak

    Siri is mean to me – I ask what the weather is wearing and she AirDrops my mortgage to Bill Cosby – he is already housed!

  11. RSC

    I intended to wait for the Kongregate release to buy it and play on my mac, but if I get a key, I’ll make it work and send you a “howto” pdf with screenshots. (swf player for mac ? W XP emulation ? Linux emulation and steam play ? no idea what will work best)

  12. Slenderu

    “You should draw a map” made me draw for an hour before i realised the cave was looping. nice ! :ooo:

  13. Michal The JoJo fan

    Your next line is: “Your next line is: “Your next line is: ” Your next line is… …”, isn’t it? :shades:

  14. Technic Generation

    Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.
    Truth be told, I’ll still purchase the game if I don’t win, but hey, free is a nice price too. 😛

  15. Su Amiguillo Soac

    I would like to have some Key to give to my subscribers in the channel on Christmas day 🙁 . Several who have seen the series have liked the game so much that they have bought it but others do not have that facility 😥 .
    Merry Christmas Matt! Good luck with all your projects. :stars:
    Su amiguillo Soac

  16. in333

    My favorite part from EBF 4:
    *The beholder (aka tentacle monster) attacks Natalia!!* :stars:
    “Ewwwwwwwwww. I hope I don’t get pregnant from that again. ;_;”

  17. Foivos Kyriakoudis

    I mean its either this or I spend my Christmas on Fortnite sniping noobs and crying internally about how I have no life… Which kind of holidays do you think I should have?

  18. Wash

    Congratulations for the game 😛 :yay:
    The realization of a dream should be one of the things that makes life so cool. ^^

  19. AlmaRaito

    FAAAAAAAAANTASTIC GAME. EBF AND MATT FOREV :love: EEEEEEEEEEEER :yay: :love: :love: :love2: :stars: :stars: :bacon: :yay: . Oh, and BACOOOOOOOOON IS THE BEST OF ALL. :bacon:

    1. MosquittoByte

      Hmmm, someone already said that… HOW ABOUT *Rambles on for 10 hours failing to notice that Rambles on for 10 hours is probably a unique comment…

  20. Thezeroxiii

    BEST GAME EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRR :love: :love2: :hurray: :love: :love2: :tongue: :yay: :hurray: :bacon: :skull: :coffee:

  21. WendyPix

    Oh wow, I haven’t been on this site ever since I came to college, but I played through EBF 3 and 4 several times when I was younger. I remember really hoping for another game to join the series and now I’m hyped again! Thank you for making these wonderful games that grew to be a part of my childhood :love: It’s awesome to see EBF 5 being translated in Korean too, and I can’t wait to see what the game’s going to offer! Hope you have a wonderful new year :yay:

  22. Jiffyjuff

    EBF is the prime example of why you don’t need to be outside, getting drunk, or doing all the typical extrovert things to have pure, unbridled fun. It’s content like yours that makes it possible for me to hole up in my cozy room after a long day and just *unwind*. :yay:

  23. David

    why does the desert area have to be so hard !!!!!! i mean sand is not even hard. i think that mountain area should be hard! like rock, or ice you know? Rocks are hard! not as hard as the meter long king kong shlong but still hard ❗

  24. Razvan

    Hello Matt, I’ve probably discovered this genra trough Kongregate, about 5 years ago if I am not wrong, ever since, I’ve followed your every step to the final product, and I couldn’t wait to buy the game. Now that I’ve beaten it 3 times I want to get a copy for my brother too. Have a nice day!

  25. 7240

    I really like how I can see Natalie’s ghost return to her body when she revives; good attention to detail.

  26. Adli Winga

    Hey Matt, I know we not from the same country but you know right, You have work hard making new Flash Epic Battle Fantasy 5 since 2015. I know you don’t know me, but i know you since Epic Battle Fantasy from 1 until now. Whose is the developer? Who making this game! And I see your name and I said I will remember you from now… Wow! How many years I’ve been support you? Don’t know… Hah-aha! Well… No need to write too long (Crying) 😥 I will always support you Matt. I promise. I want to meet you someday. Believe in yourself! If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up. :yay:

    P.S Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Matt Roszak!

    Adli Winga

  27. Kartinmat

    As a long time fan I’m proud to see this series grow to be what it is today and every sequel is a massive improvement compared to previous installments. Keep up the good work and happy holidays. May the fat bearded man bless you with alcohol and whatnot. :yay:

  28. Exotus

    Time flies by so fast that I feel like I’ve been hit with an Evasion Down and everyone else an Evasion Up. I hope you have a merry Christmas and that you enjoy your holidays: You’ve definitely earned it! :yay:

  29. Cristian

    Hi, Matt. I’ve loved all of the games that you posted and I’ve almost finished this one in public beta.
    I’ve rarely saw games like these.
    I know that it is hard for you to keep creating games as good as these and keep adding more and more content.
    This is my favorite game and I hope you continue the series.

    Goodbye. :yay:

  30. Rad Razvan Daniel

    Hi Matt, I’ve been here since Epic Battle Fantasy 3, going for the long ride! I’ve really enjoyed your games, but you’ve overdone yourself this time. Even if I don’t win, keep it up with the great content!

  31. Pealie

    We wish you a merry Christmas Anna happy new year! Get your Natzcrackers ready because we Matt have a Christmas that’ll bring us jubiLance!

  32. Jonny

    I remember reading your dissertation on creating Adventure Story, which was incredibly fascinating and is much more interesting than my graduate dissertation work (on cancer biology…), and I hope EBF5 will give you even more success than you anticipate!

  33. LongtimeFan

    Not actually trying to win the giveaway, because I never miss a chance to give you money ,but just wanted to say thanks for the awesome game!

  34. Someone

    Hello and thanks for making a giveaway that a random fan of your games will be able enjoy the newest game that you have made for Christmas. Happy holidays

  35. Plus Smash

    Some of you may want to turn up the volume… I CAN’T HEAR MYSELF THINK ❗ :phone2: :bacon: :shades:

  36. Beeneath the Mistletoe

    I joined a group once and they immediately asked for pictures of my female cousin, so I went for the power move and told them that I lived in Alabama and that she was mine before inviting someone to play as the female cousin.

  37. Hellandy

    Been a fan of the series for years and really hyped about this one since you started making it. Getting a key would make this the most special christmas EVER! :stars:

  38. Oxybulyx

    1- What is a giveaway?
    2- How pissed off will people be if I end a sentence with a comma?
    3- What is a gift card?
    4- What are my odds?
    5- Do I need to put the email adress in the comments?
    I need these questions answered please,

  39. 0akk

    I’m most likely gonna buy the game but I wanna get one of my friends a code if he never finds out about this and happy holidays to all!

  40. TheDragonfable

    I’ll probably buy the game regardless, I just really want to support the hard work you put in. Merry Christmas!

  41. SagePtr

    I am NoLegs and I really enjoy EBF5, but foes often kill me, so I love to lower their accuracy and watch how they miss! Meeeeoooooow! :yay:

  42. Oxybulyx

    I really had to play the entirety of EBF5 on both normal and epic within 10 days of launch?
    I mean, I’m not complaining, this game nears perfection, just email us (if you want), I’d make it my first ever christmas gift. Now I’ll finally know how you feel around december.

  43. Donovan Dennis

    Remember fellow adventurers that the BACON is a sacred animal so always respect it! :stars: :tongue: :love2:

  44. Stelle-Parallax

    Well, I have all of the games on Steam, from EBF3 to EBF5 to even Bullet Heaven 2. So I’ll just quickly disqualify myself with an extra sentence. But I do want to say something. Your games have changed my life. I’m always excited to see what’s next, and I’ve started to build my own games. (They’re not that good but hey, I’m trying!) I’ve been loving your games, and I just want you to know how much of a positive impact you’ve had on my life. Thank you.

  45. Kartik Chawla

    Lance should say “Allahu Akbar” and blow up everyone with Nuke instead of just burning allies, but that’s probably too offensive for most people.

  46. Keyblader1

    I’ve been a fan of EBF since the early days of Newgrounds. It’s been fun watching the franchise develop and evolve since the early days of fighting Zombie Goku being controlled by a Duskull with just a fighter and a mage to Fighting God Cats with an entire party of fun and interesting characters. I actually want to get into Game Design myself someday, and playing through all the EBF games and everything you have done with it has been a real inspiration. Can’t wait to see where you go from here

  47. Scrublord

    Did you know that red candies have a chance to be made out of chemically processed insect shells (Specifically a type that falls under the same category as lice). :yay:

  48. ReaperZ

    Honestly you being so determined to make your fans happy and finish the game/fix the game bugs, fills you with more happiness than a cat video. :smirk:

  49. Yobama

    Yo I am the president of Star Wars and I say this game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:

  50. FikuśnyFikus

    Hey matt i will record this game in new year my i like this game and this translations . Ps jak coś trochę pomagałem z 0,001% :smirk: więc pozdro.

    1. FikuśnyFikus

      *Hey matt i will record this game in new year i like this game and this translations . Ps jak coś trochę pomagałem z tłumaczeniem gdzieś 0,00000001% :smirk: więc pozdro.

  51. Miguel

    My doctor told me that I have problems with cholesterol and the unique way to still eat it is by doing that in EBF5 #Humanity #BaconBro

  52. Benji

    I’ve loved your games ever since I played the first one! I’m really hoping to get to play this one ASAP :yay:

  53. Zelkova

    I pay for EBF4 on Steam when I had the cash just to support you but I lack the money as of late to support anyone, a free copy would be nice.

  54. Dogo

    I think Natali is kind hot :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2: :love2:

  55. Konnor

    Making a unique sentence right here, right now is kind of difficult so I’m just going to post this and hope for the best.

  56. TakeoX

    If I don’t win the Steam code, I will buy the game (as soon my bosses pay me); If I win it, I will buy the game to my ex-girlfriend (what can go wrong with that?)

  57. Tobias

    Well I don’t have nothing original to say so i’m going to take this chance to say to you that EBF 5 surpassed my expectations but I think the reward for having all medals it’s kinda lame XD and please, keep making marvelous games.

  58. Sam

    Watched someone streaming the start of the game. (never even knew of the series before) I was very skeptical of the way it looked the art-style is a hit and miss, but the more i watched the more i realized how elaborate and high quality this game is. I would love a free key, or at least hope it goes on sale during the holidays. Cheers

  59. tyler breslawski

    that awkward moment when the gun crazy, crimson headed guy starts break dancing in the middle of a battle. :scared:

  60. Damion

    I’m going to enter into this just to see if I can gift people EBF5 for a little bit less, although it doesn’t matter too much if I win or lose.

  61. Casper Hakala

    You are best game maker and Phyrnna is best artist. I have played your games over 5 years. EBF5 is my favourite game. EBF5 soundtracks are best too. Merry christmas! :hurray:

  62. Kipali

    I once actually had a dream about EBF, because I played it so much because I like Turn-based combat that it has.

  63. DJ Kuroto

    A friend of mine calls me kupo instead of kuro like most people do. I’m not ok with kuro either but being called kupo is funny because of you.

  64. PiePeter

    A friend of mine was interested in what kind of game I was playing, and i just stared him in the eye saying: “You need to play this now”

  65. Bogi_75

    Hey Matt 🙂
    I really love EBF games,I mean i really love Kupo Games!When i first saw the trailer of EBF4 i was so excited to play it! The trailer was so EPIC! But, unfortunately i didnt have money to buy it 🙁 I played it on Kongregate,and it was so fun and amazing.even if didnt had a premium one XD I actually realy wanted to play Battle Mountain but even if i dont had a premium EBF4(on steam ofc) it was so EPIC to play it on Kongregate 🙂 And than i saw a brand new EBF5 will come! Im so excited that EBF5 is finally realised.But like i said i dont have money and credit card to buy it 🙁 . It will be really appreciate if i won the giveaway 🙂 :yay:
    -Thanks for reading 🙂 :stars:

  66. Don Carl

    Hello Masterr :stars:
    You might be wondering why i addressed you as “Master” Simply because for me i see you as my Master :yay:
    We might not know each other personally in real life but for me our journey begins at August around 2009, when i first played your first ebf game :yay:
    it was the top of my favorite game back then and the ebf series until now, you might think that i only wrote this just because ur making this event and giving free ebf game
    and yes i’ll be lying if i said that i was not interested in the giveaway :hurray: but it’s okay if i didn’t get one, seriously i just want you to read my comment and know that
    a Master for a day a Father for life :stars: i might not be able to player ur new ebf game but i swear one day i’ll play it for sure 😀
    More power to the game that a lot of us relates to it and please continue to make Epic Battle Fantasy :stars: i know making games are not that easy but i hope you dont give up and continue to make Awesome Games like Ebf :love: Thank you for everything and thanks for making my childhood Amazing
    it’s one a hell of a ride :yay:
    Good Luckk!
    And Merry Christmas and Happy New year Master :smirk:
    See you!

  67. Dragonboy09

    Your game are just a-maze-ing and a-door-a-bowl and the purrfect thing to end the year and sorry for my Stupid puns but I love them :love2: :love:

  68. Garagon

    Each year, you do a giveaway and each year I don’t have key :yay: , but I keep hope haha ! Congratulations for games you made, you are very talented (and Phyrnna too) !

    PS : (yeah, i’m a french fan and my english is always bad XD)

  69. Sta2000 - PL

    Some drink coffee, I drink chocolate with rum, Lance may be disapproving, but my aim is still fine.

  70. Martin

    I was gonna let a random number generator simply generate a random string for me …. but i think that’s taking “unique” a tad too far.

  71. PotatoMonolith


    (have you seen my brain? I think i lost it in EBF3, in the kitten ruins)

  72. Kitae Kang

    Already bought the game and beat it and its great but also I have friends who want the game so I’ll forward it as a gift if I win :yay:

  73. Cat

    Only recently found out about this amazing series and have binged 1-3 and beat them and looking forward to buying 4, heres to getting 5! :yay: (Also love 100% completing to see all of the great content) :love2:

  74. Stefano

    If I where a dictator for one day, I would demand people to have a lot of plushies…dragon plushies┛✧Д✧)┛, and allow free parkour :stars: . what would you do as a dictator? 😉

  75. jonathan yau

    what do you call a cat with no leg? It doesn’t matter because he’ll never come unless you are noleg lol ❗

  76. MancheUNT

    System.out.Println(“I’m happy~, Thaaaank Yooou :3”);

  77. Ysayell

    My grandma always said “vice is nice, but incest is best,” however I must assume she’s never played EBF because it is the actual best.

  78. Sampson

    me seeing this: :smirk: :yay: :hurray: :love2: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗
    me getting the game: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :yay: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :meh: 😥 :skull:

  79. WithTheRainbow

    Epic Battle Fantasy 3 was a big part of my childhood that introduced me to the wonders of turn-based RPGs. :coffee:

  80. Matthew

    I’ve been a fan of the Epic Battle Fantasy Series since the first game, and I can’t wait to play the latest installment, cause it looks awesome! :stars:

  81. Big Boy

    Sushi Cat exists in the EBF world and is squishy and round, much like a slime; this heavily implies that Sushi Cat is, in fact, a slime and thus that slimes and cats come from the same genetic tree, sharing a common ancestor; in this essay, I will

    1. Oxybulyx

      One day, Godcat smoked vodka and got confused, so she thought slimes and cats were the same thing. This is the origin story of Sushi Cat.

  82. Saimon Sliman

    El EBF5 sólo es comparable con el sonido de los reyes celestiales tocando armonías melodiosas ❓ :love2:

  83. Diego Silva

    Just because you’re correct doesn’t mean you’re right, and also people die when they are killed

  84. Akreon Dorplasy

    “I should really stop adding more shit to the blender before I get to a point my entire life becomes sodium”

    -Akreon Dorplasy, about my frustation over long useless debates that repeat themselve ad infinitum

    yes this is ACTUALLY something I said in a :coffee: conversation

  85. Daawsomeone

    I love your games they are amazingly funny and yet tell good stories you are one of my favorite devs ever good on you man. :stars:

  86. Kobeyoshi

    Hero: For Love, Freedom, and to protect the ones we care for, we shall sta… Helper: Hey look there’s a merchants ship, but they don’t seem to willing to tra- Hero?: Plunder them Helper: :scared: But aren’t you the He- Hero: :stars: It’s called gathering war provisions.

  87. Wyatt Earp

    You said to keep my comment to but a single sentence, but you never said how long the sentence has to be; therefore, I will make this sentence as long as the English grammatical rules will allow, so as to make you rue the day you decided that the rules of the contest had no need to specify a character limit! >:D

  88. Thanks for reading

    If you ever decide to make an ebf6, would you consider adding lazarus or red mage, or phyranna as a character ❓

    1. Oxybulyx

      First, EBF 6 won’t happen, as stated in the Redpine cemetary.
      Secondly, stop asking Phyrrna as a character.
      Thirdly, Lazarus is prototype Lance, so they kinda are the same.
      Fourthly, before you ask it, there is already Lancelot in the game.

  89. Dash Hunter

    Those chocolate and ice cream slimes may be cute, but no force in the universe can save them from my ungodly wrath and destruction. :yay:

  90. aListers

    Took me a while to find the comment thing for some reason. I almost replied to a random person’s comment.

    If anybody is also having trouble finding it, the comment fourm is at the very bottom of the page.

  91. Nano

    Howdy, I’d love to have this game, and also tetris but that game is still free so I guess this is the only thing on my vidyagame wishlist, Merry christmas KupoGames :stars:

  92. banjo upton

    If somebody ever robs you with a gun, don’t give them your money, but instead tell them that they better be prepared for a murder, because there’s no way you’re handing over your money; the two outcomes of this are either that they leave because they’re too cowardly to shoot you (win), or they shoot you (also win).

  93. Kevin J

    I can tell your games are filled with so much love. From the characters to the battles, I can see just how much effort you put in to all of it. Phyrnna too. Listening to her music grow and evolve along with your games is just the most enjoyable thing to me and I can only wish to see it grow even further in the future.

  94. Amonymous

    It’s honestly a surprise to see EBF go so far and I’m glad to see it keep going after all these years! :hurray:

  95. Federico Cando

    I really like your games dude, i hope you continue with this style of games cause they are reallt cool. i remembered playing EBF4 on flash and still pretty good. Best wishes for you and Happy Christmas!! :yay:

  96. A suspiciously colored morsel

    A cat tumbles down a hill, bumping into rocks on the way, landing in a silver lake where a ghost asks the key to the wanderer’s coffin.

  97. Rein

    The sad truth that as Matt walked out of his house, he realized as he looked up into the sky, he too has forgotten about the golden sun.

  98. Anonymous

    I figured I’d wait until the game was out on GOG, but I’ll move it to the top of my backlog if I’m straight up given the game.

  99. DrFugue

    The greatest gift of all is knowing that an indie creator made enough money from their game to be able to give steam keys away.

  100. Alex Bateman

    Been waiting a long while for this game, played every previous game in the series [and spinoffs] to 100% completion, glad to see the continuation making it’s way onto my ‘to get’ list.

  101. Bradley

    Sorry i haven’t bought this sooner.
    Ive running through 4 currently until payday running up to 5. Thank you for your hard work Matt!